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Data Sheet Discharge auger Machine function Machine number Machine paint Custom tariff number Power consumption kW Starter and wiring Measures Weight Standard RISK ASSESMENT - Machine The discharge auger (5) is used to stop loading to the hammer mill when it is overloaded and to ensure smooth filling to the hammer mill, by regulating the speed by use of a PID algorithm and working it around a set point on the Amp usage of the hammer mill. 1040-500 Machines, guards etc. comes in a color type RAL 3001 red suitable for indoor, non corrosive environment - water and oil resistant -15 to + 60 degrees C, surface purified with alkaline degreaser, painted with a machine primer and here after coating paint. 84369900 2x 5,5 kW 2x Frequency inverter, 4 x 1,5 mm2 , Shielded cable. Automatic reverse at overload, 80% of Amax more than 0,7 sec. reverse 2 sec. And forward again. WARNING!: NEVER MORE THAN 2 SEC. REVERSE H=650 mm, W=620 mm and L=2500 mm, l=1000 for MTX_H 18, l=2000 for MTX_22-50 350 kg DS/EN 60204-1:2006 Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of Machines, DS/EN ISO 13850 of January 29th 2007 emergency stop, DS/EN ISO 13849-1 safetyrelated parts of control systems This machine cannot work as a “Stand Alone”, and can therefore not be delivered with a CE marking. It is designed to be used with a MTX_H straw bale breaker machine.

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