Straw mill LSM 1300-800/1000/1200


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Straw mill LSM 1300-800/1000/1200 - 1

Data sheet: Machine function Machine number Machine paint Custom tariff number Screen size Power consumption kW Starter and wiring, (400V, 1480 rpm.) Welded with reinforced frame to absolve vibrations from straw material. Working with 5 to 70 mm screen. It needs a suction system with ventilator. With the machine is: Including large bended pipe for filling in mill. Centre filled and with reversed rotation for usage of backside of the flails. Safety guard incorporated with control panel to ensure safe opening of the doors. PT 100 temp. measure on both bearings also incorporated with control panel 1039-200 Standard ISO 12944-5 category C2. Machines, guards etc. comes in a color type RAL 3001 red suitable for indoor, non corrosive environment - water and oil resistant -15 to + 60 degrees C, surface purified with alkaline degreaser, painted with a machine primer and here after coating paint. 84369900 DS/EN 60204-1:2006 Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of Machines, DS/EN ISO 13850 of January 29th 2007 emergency stop, DS/EN ISO 13849-1 safetyrelated parts of control systems, DS/EN 60204-1: 2006, cable installation method E 5 8 10 15 20 30 40 50 70

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Straw mill LSM 1300-800/1000/1200 - 2

Data sheet: Straw mill LSM 1300-800/1000/1200 lcnrmall= Data sheet: Straw mill LSM 1300-800/1000/1200 lcnrmall= Wheat straw: We have primary evaluated the risk for dust explosion based on the conditions that have to be full filed with regard to dust explosion from straw dust, and have used the official figures from the German institute BGIA: As translation to the above table sheet is the most important figures as follows: - Fragmentation must contain 96 % below 0,5 mm. - From this must 26 % be below 0,125 mm - The medium length must be 0,2 mm The fragmentation of any straw from 5 mm screen...

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Straw mill LSM 1300-800/1000/1200 - 3

Data sheet: Screening sample with 6 mm screen in hammer mill, showing safety margin with regard to ATEX standard and BGIA measures. (DONG/E2 2002) Analyzed risk following EN-ISO 13849-1: 1. Mounting: The machine is provided lifting positions that ensures balance when lifting and strong enough to hold machine load. Work place assessment should be made, before start with mounting. 2. Operating: The machine has to be mounted with a closed filling device, Cormall Stone trap and piping or similar, and with a closed connected outtake, Cormall tray collector, auger or similar device. 3. Servicing:...

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