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CUMBERLAND PAN FEEDING Cumberland manufactures a variety of broiler pan feeder models to accommodate the specific needs of each and every grower. All of our broiler pan feeders represent a concept for taking birds from day old through adult. We can help build a system that provides the performance you need to maximize the return on your investment. Hi-Lo™ Pan Feeders Features Include... • Multiple levels of feed depth control • 2” to 3.5” collapsible/expandable pan accommodates bird size • 8 or 14 spoke pan design for easy bird access • 360° pan play reduces bruising and injury • Exclusive...

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The Ultimate Flood Pan Feeder... Care for your birds from day one through growout with the Pro-1* pan feeder. The Pro-1 offers unrivaled options for customization. Flood the feeder in its 2” collapsed position, or use the simple mechanism to “lock it in” as a deep pan and flood it at the 3.5” depth. Pro-1™ • Flood feeding windows • Optional 2” to 3.5” collapsible/expandable pan accommodates bird size Collapsed Flood Position with Window Guard • First in/first out feed level settings • 8 spoke design for easy bird access • Clear guard keeps chicks from entering the flood window Locked Flood...

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FLOOD FEEDING WITH OPTIONS Cumberland's E-Feeder and Nutrapan flood feeders can easily be adjusted to fit your particular feed level requirements. Simple to install with plenty of customizable options make these feeders a flexible choice for flood feeding. NutraPan Hrfeeder" • No spoke design provides uninhibited access to the pan • Clear guard keeps chicks from entering the flood window • Easy twist lock adjustment • 6 levels of feed depth control • Large 3.5" pan depth • 2-piece drop tube • Adjustable feed depth levels • 14 spoke design for bird separation • Optional 2-piece drop tube •...

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Trouble Free with Cumberland’s i-plus3 Control Pan Line utilizes Infrared Technology to sense and detect the level of feed in the control pan • Easy installation Certification applies to controls • Easy to use with no moving parts or sensitivity adjustments • Reliable feed sensing technology that promotes full pans and healthy birds to maximize feed conversions • Power supply is included in the i-plus3 control pan for an optional LED light requires no moving parts or sensitivity adjustments. An OPTIONAL HI-LO CONTROL As the i-plus3 Control Pan PAN LED LIGHT is fills, the infrared beams...

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CUMBERLAND EXCELLENCE in feeder technology extends to a line of pan accessories. Long life, easy cleaning and reliability adds to the overall pan feeding performance. Chick Booster with Cone E-Chick Booster Chick Booster Economical Feed Tray Heavy Duty Feed Tray CUMBERLAND FEED TRAYS used with the Chick Booster, will provide the needed feed space in your broiler application. These Feed Trays are made of durable polypropylene for long life, easy cleaning, and dependability. Cumberland’s CHICK BOOSTER AND E-CHICK BOOSTER are available with or without cone. The cone restricts the feed flow...

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It Just Makes Sense! The IR-Plus™ is specially designed to work hand and hand with Cumberland’s Flex-Flo™ feed delivery system and i-plus3 Control Pan. This combination of dependable Cumberland products provide gentle feed handling, full hoppers and feed pans that will result in maximum feed efficiency. With no moving parts or sensitivity adjustments, the IR-Plus™ ensures the feed level switch is activated every time. When the feed level drops below the sensors and the user defined time delay has elapsed, the fill system will start, bringing feed to the desired hopper. • Adjustable time...

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QUALITY WATERING SYSTEMS Cumberland’s experience and engineering continue to bring to you a complete watering system loaded with innovations and features that promote large healthy birds and dry floors. Twin Lock/J-Lock Nipple Valves Upper Metering Pin Controls Water Flow • 6 different styles available to meet your watering needs • Only 3 moving parts • Four times easier action • Stainless steel upper pin for long life and more precise flow rate O-Ring Seal - Features Compress Seal Valve Body Left or Right Twin Lock Connection Interchangeable Cap Stainless Steel Shut Off Ball • Quick and...

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Cumberland’s unique WATER REGULATOR is designed for greater versatility and ease of use, no by-pass necessary. Water Pipe Guide CONNECTIONS • External sealing “O-ring” connection allows unobstructed water flow • No glue necessary • 1.05” (27 mm) large volume pipe • Simple push together assembly • Keyed connection from regulator to end assembly • Light resistant water pipe prevents algae The Cumberland Regulator can be easily removed from the watering line without interfering with the watering line suspension. Water Pipe Notch SELF SEALING CAP at the clear sight tube to prevent water...

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Feathersoft™ Nipples The patented FeatherSoft Broiler Nipples are designed to meet the demands of today’s broad poultry production needs. Choose between FeatherSoft Advantage Nipples and FeatherSoft Hi-Flow Nipples with LitterGard to design a system that best satisfies the needs of your unique broiler operation. • 360º side action triggering • Exact water metering at every age • Simplistic design • Square pipe advantage • Trouble-free performance • Corrosion resistant aluminum rails • Simple and quick assembly • Watering sections shipped completely preassembled TECH TALK Number of Birds per...

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Allowing heat to be radiated directly to the birds allows them to find their own comfort zone either closer to, or farther away from, the heater. This reduces stress and creates an environment that allows for better bird performance. Heavy Duty control and burner unit, using outside air for combustion. The unique two stage burner adapts to varying conditions providing a more consistent comfort zone with fewer off cycles. Units operate at low fire the majority of the time for improved energy efficiency. High fire mode provides reserve heating capability when conditions require. Patented...

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