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The idea behind our climate systems is efficiency and advanced simplicity.

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DACS line of products - 2

Inlet Fan Corona – an active roof mounted air inlet The Corona is an active fan assisted air distribution unit. The active distribution of preheated, oxygen rich air ensures a supreme climate in the house from day one to finish, no matter the outside conditions. By providing ideal airspeed and plenty of oxygen at floor level, the systems support the animals’ metabolism and growth. Tests have shown that by utilizing the warm air trapped in the roof space the Corona averagely returns 10 kW of heat for each 1 kW of electricity used and cuts the overall heat consumption by 50%....

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DACS line of products - 3

Exhaust Fan Market-leading roof mounted exhaust fan The HE740 is the most efficient roof mounted exhaust fan on the market. The advanced aerodynamics ensure high air exchange rates at very low energy consumption. Trouble-free performance The advanced chimney design with its expanded core ABS provides good insulation values and serves as a sturdy mounting base which does not flex or expand when exposed to extreme temperatures. The totally corrosion-free unit provides years of trouble-free, efficient operation. 30% lower energy consumption In a direct comparison against leading suppliers, the...

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DACS line of products - 4

MagFan takes you further for less MagFan Plus takes you even further MagFan offers high capacity, high pressure capability and extreme efficiency. Wherever energy is a limited resource and/or high capacity, high flow rates and high pressures are needed, MagFan is the answer. The combination of unprecedented capacity, extreme pressure capability and very high efficiency makes the MagFan Plus attractive wherever energy is a limited resource and/or high capacity, high flow rates and high pressures are needed. … and returns your investment The combination of high-quality materials, extreme...

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DACS line of products - 5

MagFan ONe MagFan ONe has revolutionized the market for ON/OFF fans by setting new standards in terms of efficiency, capacity and pressure performance. The MagFan ONe is identical to the existing MagFans except it is an on/off fan. It is still a direct drive fan, so no belts and pulleys – hence no maintenance. Technological advantages Our technological advantages stem from the perfectly shaped body of the MagFan where the air passing through the unit meets a minimum of resistance. The proof is that the MagFan ONe outperforms all other fans of similar size. MagFan ONe stands out With 22.2...

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DACS line of products - 6

MagFan Mini 50 and 60 Hz Operation MagFan Mini is a downsized version of the MagFan but has the same quality characteristics, meaning it is aerodynamic optimized and highly energy efficient. Also, it is easy to assemble, install and operate. With a diameter of 740 mm (30”) the capacity is significantly higher than that of other wall-mount fans with similar size fan motor. The power consumption of the MagFan Mini is also very low when compared to other similar size fans. We offer the MagFan Mini for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation so please check the relevant data on capacity and consumption...

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DACS line of products - 7

The only loss-free damper system The MagDoor from DACS is a fast-operating roller door that completely seals off the MagFans when not in operation. The MagDoor with its insulated segments seals tightly even against high static pressures which ensures that the fan end of the house stays dry and warm when fans are not in operation. Built from aluminium and high-grade polymer plastics, the construction and functionality of the MagDoor system provide years of trouble-free operation. To further improve the thermal insulation for the MagDoor/MagFan combination installed in colder climates we...

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DACS line of products - 8

Warm Water Radiator The warm water radiator from DACS produces plenty of dry, warm air that allows for better climate control in poultry houses. The HEAT60 warm water radiator from DACS provides warm and dry air that allows for efficient heating and dehumidification in poultry houses. Each HEAT60 unit is equipped with a 60 kW radiator and a 0.3 kW blower. The open sides allow for suction of 8  000 m3 air per hour over the radiator. The low-pressure water flow inside the heating element means that only a small circulation pump is needed for the entire installation. This adds to the very low...

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DACS line of products - 9

Heat Exchanger AddAir is a versatile and highly efficient heat exchanger, combining the simplicity of traditional heating systems with the efficient humidity control of heat exchangers – but at a fraction of the initial cost. Due to its supreme dehumidification capability AddAir quite simply is a game changer for the entire poultry industry. Advantages: • Better distribution of the air in the house • Better litter condition • Better integration with ventilation • Significantly lower power consumption • Significant saving in heating costs • No cleaning and maintenance during production •...

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DACS line of products - 10

ACS6 /ACSnet is a climate and production controller and management system built into one powerful, highly integrated and user-friendly system The ACS6/ACSnet system is a highly user-friendly system and with its familiar windows based interface and straight forward use of language it is a very intuitive system to understand and operate. Climate and production control The climate control part of the ACS6 offers accurate control of the in-house climate and the flexibility of the system allows the farmer to set and operate any type of ventilation system available on the market. The production...

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DACS line of products - 11

The ACSnet solution in short: • ACSnet is a tool for daily management • ACSnet is the perfect tool for a performance and benchmarking analysis • All buildings are connected to ACSnet server via ACS6 controllers • Advanced feed management: water/feed ratio, FCR, EPEF • Integration of production data to ERP • Free software update for ACS6 controllers • Free software license for ACSnet • Free client license for ACSnet • Free database license • On-line training and sup

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