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MagFan – aerodynamics make the difference

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Installations all over the world

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MagFan – world leader in fan efficiency One unique concept At first glance there is no visible difference between the three versions of MagFan. MagFan, MagFan Plus and MagFan ONe all make use of the same housing and impeller. The only differences lies in the motor technology used and the possibility of using different impeller pitch settings. One unique concept - three different fans. Without exception, MagFan outperforms all other fans MagFan is the world leader in fan efficiency. No matter the version you choose they all offer unrivaled performance, efficiency and service life. MagFan...

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MagFan - EN - 5

Careful design leads to aerodynamic benefits Optimized to perfection With strict focus on aerodynamics in the design phase, MagFan has been optimized to perfection. The air entering the fan meets no restrictions and the discharge cone leads the air gently from the fan. The motor and impeller hub designs bring minimum restrictions to airflow. The impeller blades are carefully designed and tested to perfection. These little but important details ensure high airflow rates and unsurpassed energy efficiency. Perfectly designed impeller blades Rounded and smooth impeller hub Optimized housing...

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Choosing the right MagFan Total power consumption Choosing the right MagFan for a given application involves determining how often fans will run at reduced speed. In climates where outside temperatures are near setpoint temperatures, the variable speed feature will have less effect on the total power consumption. Simply because the fan most often will be running full speed in order to keep in-house set point temperatures. Under such conditions, high efficiency at full capacity is of the utmost importance. Full speed range Where outside temperatures fluctuate diurnally and/or seasonally, the...

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ActiveBalancePlus This type of system is designed for the warmer parts of the temperate climate zones and the cooler subtropical climates where seasonal and diurnal fluctuations are distinct. These buildings are equipped with minimum and medium ventilation systems in order to ensure optimum climate during diurnal and seasonal fluctuations. Here the variable speed MagFans will make use of their full speed range and spend more hours in “the sweet spot” of high efficiency. The choice of fan depends on whether the animals are Floor Kept which would be MagFan, or Cage Kept which would typically...

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MagFan - EN - 8

Applications Improved climate conditions Magfan is ideal in all areas where air movement is required. The high efficiency, the capacity and the possibility of speed controlling makes the MagFan a versatile ventilation unit, adaptable to a large variety of applications. Widely used We see tremendous savings and improved climate conditions wherever MagFans are installed. MagFan is already widely used in all types of livestock buildings, in the greenhouse sector and also in the traditional industry. Wherever air needs to be moved MagFan is the answer.

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MagFan - EN - 9

Sustainability MagFan – fostering energy efficiency in livestock buildings The global demand for energy continues to rise and ventilation of livestock buildings represents a notable percentage of global energy consumption. Thus, improving the efficiency of ventilation systems plays an important role in fostering energy efficiency in livestock buildings. MagFan greatly reduces energy consumption and at the same time improves indoor air quality via proven climate control strategies. A lasting ventilation solution In fact MagFan is so efficient that the energy consumption in four (4) buildings...

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MagFan - EN - 10

’We save 75% energy’ PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s leading and most progressive integrators, decided to invest in MagFan for their new PS breeder farm in Central Java, Indonesia. The testing ”We recorded the consumption over a 24 week period, from bird placement to production. The reference building, commissioned September 2016, uses three units of 50” and four units of 54” American cone fans. In an identical test building, DACS Indonesia distributor, PT Ansell Jaya, installed seven MagFans. Both buildings were fitted with electronic meters, measuring fan energy...

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‘MagFans are whisper quiet’ Laurie Brosnan, one of the owners of Bettapork in Queensland, Australia, a 2000 sow full line production with three individual sites for sows, weaners and finishers, has installed MagFans in eight sheds. Quite convincing ”When I first saw the MagFan at the Eurotier show in 2014 I was just about to renew my finisher site. We found that the quality and the operational cost of the MagFan was quite convincing so we made a decision to try them out in eight houses. Each house holds 600 finishers, so to get the air speed needed we installed five MagFans per house,” says...

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MagFan - EN - 12

A significant game changer When presented back in 2014 MagFan was a game changer in the industry – and it still is. MagFan is still top of the line in terms of efficiency, capacity and air flow ratio (AFR). No other fan has been such a significant game changer in the market for large fans and with its performance data MagFan will always be a winner when compared to other brands. The direct drive technology, the highly aerodynamic body and motor/impeller construction add to its qualities and with an estimated service life of 20 years the unit is the only right choice where energy efficiency...

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MagFan 670 RPM/ 32-degree impeller pitch MagFan 670/32 Static pressure Energy consumtion MagFan 670 RPM/ 30-degree impeller pitch MagFan 670/30 Static pressure Energy consumtion MagFan comes with a state-of-the-art variable frequency drive, MagDrive. MagDrive operates on 1 × 230 VAC (nominal) 50/60 Hz and they output 3 × 230VAC to the MagFan motor. The power factor / cos(phi) is 0.999 at full load. These drives will operate on input voltages from about 100 VAC to a maximum of 250 VAC.

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