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Management and control - 1

Scalable concept suitable for all farm sizes

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Management and control - 2

The ultimate management system for poultry production . easy and intuitive operation via 15” touch screen both numerical and graphical presentation of data, critical values are highlighted in yellow or red screens and access to the system depends on user level and is individual adjustable from simple basic level to expert level more languages are included and are selectable any time background pictures can be replaced by user only the installed equipment and used functions are shown on the screens to prevent misunderstanding built-in database with data logging of all values and events...

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Management and control - 3

Scalable concept suitable for all farm sizes Farm with one house Mobile access ACSnet Client Using the ACSnet only for one single house, you get the full functionality of the whole management system - all inclusive. No fees for software licences are necessary, because the ACSnet management system is an integrated part of the system. Remote access to the server can be done from smart phones or tablets using the standard apps for a given platform. The advantage of this type of connection to the ACSnet is, that the user is working directly on the ACSnet server. All shown parameters are actual...

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Management and control - 6

Climate control Temperature and humidity • • • • • • • climate curves / programs growth related temperature and humidity offset humidity related temperature offset light program related temperature offset alarms with compensation for influence of the outside climate up to 4 temperature sensors and 2 humidity sensors temperature on the attic Environmental sensors • • • carbon dioxide sensor reducing CO2 by increasing heating and ventilation levels ammonia sensor Heating system • • • • • heaters controller with time modulated signal radiators with shunt valve circulation pump control supply...

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Management and control - 7

Production control Production management • • • • • preheating mode - preparing house to next batch production mode - automatically activates all functions for new production catching mode - set ventilation and other equipment ready for catching idle - house is empty all equipment on standby and the most alarms are disabled production calendar as the batch number, production day, feed and water consumption heating and electricity consumption ten user defined consumption parameters can be registered Feed conversion ratio (FCR) European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) Light control • • • •...

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Management and control - 8

Alarm archives Analog trends date and time of the alarm alarm type alarm values info about user treating alarm Event archives • • • all events user info changed parameter’s identifier and value all analog input and output signals Daily reports data transfer / Web Services • • • automatic data transfer to external databases like KiK, KLF, Nortura, Norsk Kylling... data export to Excel data export as XML or via clip board Data export • • supported data formats XML, TXT, CSV charts formats WMF, EMF, BMP Alarm Alarm registrations Alarm outputs all alarm informations in table sorted by date and...

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Management and control - 9

Bird weigher PS1 Our scales are designed for automatic weighing of live poultry. Each animal weight is stored individually into the memory after the poultry enters the weighing platform. The scales memory allows for storing weighing results continuously for one year including gender differentiation. All records in the memory can be viewed afterwards directly on display of the scale or it is possible to transfer them to a computer for further processing. When connected to the ACS6 controller, the weighing results are automatically transmitted to the controller and becomes a part of the daily...

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Management and control - 10

Main control board / Electrical panels This saves you the time consuming task of connecting internal signal transmission cables, installing power supplies and backup systems, and it greatly simplifies the installation work and increases the level of electrical safety and equipment protection. The panel offers a high degree of safety and facilitates service jobs on any part of the electrical installation. All components in the panels manufactured by DACS are documented and carefully described in the complete set of documents that comes with the panel. In other words, you get a panel and...

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Management and control - 11

System components hardware specifications Analog interface analog inputs analog outputs Software functions for 32 analog outputs and 32 analog inputs battery voltage monitoring multiplex input unit multi output Digital interface Software functions for 256 digital inputs and 316 digital outputs relay outputs isolated outputs outputs for fan motor starters (FlexAir Direct Control) power / fuse monitoring isolated inputs Operating system Windows Embedded Windows Industr.l Embedded 8.1 other interfaces Other system components analog output module digital output module automatic and manual...

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Management and control - 12

Innovative solutions for livestock production DACS is a family-owned company with more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and servicing ventilation and control systems for livestock production. We have used our comprehensive knowledge on both livestock production and ventilation in the development of among others our award winning wall fan, MagFan. Our ventilation system is simply the most energy efficient system you can get on the market. We run tests in our own wind tunnel, and we develop our products in close cooperation with farmers and the best researchers in the field....

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