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- 4.600 l - 5.300 l - 6.600 l tank, capacity per tank - 153 to 220 ha

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- 4.600 l - 5.300 l - 6.600 l tank, capacity per tank - 153 to 220 ha Airforce 1 Self-propelled sprayer is developed together with our partners, who have many years’ experience producing and developing self-propelled sprayers. Airforce 1 is developed with expert knowledge, practical experience and innovation, which the spray pilot can clearly benefit from. With Airforce 1 you get not only high reliability, but also sublime comfort, superior capacity and a user-friendliness like no other. Advantages: With an Airforce 1 comes also an enormous spray capacity. The 4600 liter tank ensures a...

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Equipment for Airforce 1 Standard equipment for Airforce 1 Extra equipment for Airforce 1 – 3 full-automatic cleening programs – Track automatic hydraulic adjustment – Electrical valves operated from cabin – Filling equipment, automatic – Electronic check of valves for malfunction – High-pressure cleaner with hose reel - Hydrostatic driven wheel motors – Electronic windmeter - 2/4 wheel hydrostatic – Working light, LED - Hydrostatic brake + auto parking – Equipment for liquid fertilizer - Self-levelling air suspension – Hydraulic frame for the injection tanks - Hydraulic adjustable track...

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Technical specifications Technical specifications * depending on track width and tire size

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Individual boom lift The boom follows the terrain, both above and below the horizontal. Individual boom lifts provide maximum flexibility for boom control Automatic horizontal leveling boom The self-leveling boom ensures a constant height of the boom over the crops, regardless of terrain variations. This way you avoid adjusting the boom and can concentrate on spraying. Sensors on the boom are adjusted via ultrasound from the field and crop. Norac sensor For better boom control, the known Norac sensor can be used on the sprayer This sensor can look through a light crop, and control related...

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Automatic filling equipment With the auto fill equipment you know exactly how many liters you have filled into the spray tank. You enter water quantity and the filling equipment will stop automatically when the desired quantity is reached. Washing equipment With washing equipment it is possible to clean the sprayer in the field. The attached hose reel uses hot water from the clean water tank. High-pressure cleaner With the high-pressure cleaner you can clean the sprayer effectively with heated water from the clean water tank.

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Hedgerow nozzles The hedgerow nozzles are positioned angled and gives extra reach. Working light for boom With the LED working light for the boom a good overview is provided while spraying in the dark. Protection shield The protection shield is mounted under the chassis to reduce damage of the crop, it also makes cleaning of the sprayer much easier.

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Additional display An additional display could be mounted on the side of the sprayer to control all function from outside the cabin. Flexible extension, mechanical The flexible extension secures you when colliding. The flexible extension can extend ahead and behind and automatically return to starting position. Pneumatic brakes If the tractor is equipped with compressor the sprayer could be supplied with pneumatic brakes as an alternative to hydraulic brakes. Extra mounting-set If the sprayer must be mounted on several tractors, it is possible to mount an extra set on tractor number 2....

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Pump for agitation of tank As optional equipment for the injection system you can install an extra pump for agitation. This provides additional flexibility as there may be added pesticides directly into the tank. Hydraulic platform for inj. tanks The platform can be lowered 20 cm from the bottom, for optimal working height. Cleaning of chemical cans An additional chemical mixer can be used for cleaning the emtied cans and for storing residual chemicals. These can subsequently be carried out on the fields */ = Standard equipment + = Extra equipment * = Not possible

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