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Product catalogue 2018

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Product catalogue AirBoss | ConCorde II | Airforce 1 | AirHammer ...your frontrunner in the field

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a danfoil farmer - is a happy farmer A recent survey from Aalborg University Denmark shows that danfoil customers are very satisfied. The reason why danfoil customers are prepared to recommend others to buy a danfoil field sprayer is: - the increased capacity - reduced chemical consumption, and Will you recommend danfoil to others?

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danfoil fieldsprayers - improves profits! danfoil is one of Denmark’s leading manufacturers within field sprayers, and not without reason. Our products is based on advanced technology, which ensures optimal spraying – year after year. The secret behind our field sprayers is something as simple as air. With a danfoil field sprayer, the driving force is not liquid, but instead air pressure. This way, we ensure that the water and chemicals are deposited on the whole plant – and not only on the surface. The air is forced, with high speed, through the atomizer, which ensures that the water and...

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Successful spray concept - documented and tested in more than 25 years One of the key issues for future field sprayers is quality, reliability, and innovation. Only then it is possible to meet the increasing demands for a professional and eco-friendly agriculture. The core of our technology and product line is the Eurofoil atomizer, which is proven to be resource saving and eco-friendly and ensures you a documented higher yield than conventional spray technology. It sounds simple, but it’s the air that makes all the difference. Air pressure drives water and chemicals through the atomizer –...

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Benefits of danfoil technology Benefits of danfoil spraying technology A capacity up to 6 times higher than a conventional sprayer means fewer refills per spraying job. This optimizes the individual spray job and saves time and fuel. Low consumption of fluid Low fluid consumption, 30-50 l/ha is significantly lower compared to conventional sprayers (200 l/ha). This ensures savings on chemicals and water – which benefits both you, as a user, and the environment. Increased deposit and penetration Effective penetration in dense crops is ensured by the air from the sprayer, which creates...

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18-24 m - 1.000 l. tank, capacity per tank up to 35 ha The AirBoss is a mounted field sprayer, which is unique in its design and user-friendliness. This solution focuses on functionality, quality, economy, and environment, and comes with the patented Eurofoil atomizer. All the functions of AirBoss are fully hydraulic driven. At the same time you have a clear view when driving because the boom is hanging above the tractor. It is easy to clean. Water is heated by the sprayers hydraulic system and therefore allows you to clean with hot water, while in the field. Advantages With a danfoil...

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Equipment for AirBoss Standard equipment AirBoss sprayer - 3 full-automatic cleening programs - Electrical valves operated from cabin - Electronic check of valves for malfunction - Double rotary tank cleaner - Hydraulic driven AR 115 Diaphragm pump - self-cleaning pressure filter and suction filter - Filter for clean water pump - Seperate pump for quick boom cleaning - Proportional hydraulic valves for boom control - Automatic control of airpressure in boom - A-frame with quick connector - 1000 l main spray tank - 100 l heated clean watertank with boom clean ing system - 15 l tank for...

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Standard equipment on AirBoss The boom is divided into 7 sections which increases flexibility and the possibility of cutting off one or more sections. To ensure a durable and stable boom, the AirBoss boom is made of aluminum – all booms are 2-parted. Rear lights and marking light Pendulum boom suspension The sprayer is easy to mount and demount, and requires no PTO. All AirBoss sprayers are as standard equipped with LS Proportional hydraulic (Load Sensing). The AirBoss field sprayer is equipped with approved rear light and marking light The pendulum boom suspension ensures an accurate...

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Standard equipment on AirBoss 100 liter heated clean-water tank 15 liter clean water The AirBoss is delivered with a 1,000 l. tank in plastic (pro polythene) material. This ensures durable tank with a unique design Optimal cleaning of the sprayer, as the water is heated via the sprayer’s hydraulics. The handwash tank contains 15 liters of clean water, and it is integrated in the large tank. Overflow and backflow protection AirBoss field sprayer is equipped with overflow and backflow protection in order to prevent environmental contamination. AirBoss is equipped with hydraulic proportional...

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Technical specifications Technical specifications

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- 3.000 l. tank, capacity per tank - 100 ha

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20-28 m - 3.000 l. tank, capacity per tank up to 100 ha High capacity The combination of simplicity and functionality makes the ConCorde II the most attractive and modern trailed field sprayer on the market. We did not compromise throughout the development and have only used quality components. Which means it lasts longer and the maintenance costs are low. The functionality is well thought out from a-z, why it is easy to operate and service the ConCorde II. ConCorde II is equipped with Eurofoil atomizers. Advantages With a Danfoil ConCorde II, the pilot has an enormous spray capacity. He...

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Equipment for ConCorde II Standard equipment on ConCorde II Extra equipment for ConCorde II – 3 full-automatic cleening programs – Electrical valves operated from cabin – Electronic check of valves for malfunction – Electronic tank meter – Double rotary tank cleaner – Hydraulic driven AR 160 Diaphragm pump – Seperate pump for quick boom cleaning – Proportional hydraulic valves for boom control – Wheel size 12.4x46 or 18.4x38 – 3000 l. tank – 270 l. heated clean water tank with boom flushing system – 15 l. handwash tank – Pendulum boom suspension, – 2-parted boom in aluminum – 7 sections –...

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