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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants)


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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 1


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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 2

QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY YOU CAN RELY ON Welcome to the 2021 Darwin Perennials® catalog. Every year we work to improve our processes and products with a single aim – to support your growing success. Completed just in time for 2021, our latest upgrades at the Darwin Colombia farm are centered on sustaining and extending the quality, reliability and consistency you expect from Darwin Perennials. We’ve added 2.5 acres of new greenhouses and planted them with 350,000 additional stock plants to meet the growing demand for perennials. With our new innovations, Darwin Perennials continues to be a...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 3

Here is your first look at our sensational new introductions to our ever-expanding perennial lineup. Armeria Dreameria® ‘Dream Clouds’, page 30 Dianthus Mountain Frost™ Ruby Glitter and Ruby Snow, page 11 Nepeta Whispurr Blue, p. 67 Echinacea Sombrero® Fiesta Orange and Rosada, page 12 Echinacea Sombrero Poco™ Series, page 13 Lavandula Primavera, page 55 Phlox Super Ka-Pow Pink, p. 81 Leucanthemum ‘Whitecap’, page 59 Nepeta Whispurr™ Series, page 67 Phlox Ka-Pow® White, page 80 Phlox Super Ka-Pow™ Series, page 81 Salvia Mirage™ Blue and Rose Bicolor, page 88 See inside back cover for full...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 4

TRUSTED SUPPLIER WALTERS GARDENS EXPANDING ON THE FINEST GENETICS Walters Gardens is a well-recognized North American perennial young plant supplier that offers outstanding varieties as unrooted cuttings out of Darwin Colombia. We are excited to continue our partnership with Walters Gardens, and this year their unbeatable selection of the finest genetics in perennials – spanning across several classes – plus many outstanding new varieties join the lineup: NEW Aster ‘Grape Crush’ and ‘Pink Crush’, page 29 NEW Buddleia ‘Lilac Cascade’, page 33 Leucanthemum ‘Whoops A Daisy’, page 60 Nepeta...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 5

TRUSTED SUPPLIER MUST HAVE PERENNIALS® TRIED & TRUSTED™ Bringing innovation to the perennial market, Must Have Perennials offers high-quality unrooted cuttings – available exclusively through Darwin Perennials. We are proud to continue building on our partnership with Must Have Perennials. After years of rigorous trialing and testing, you can count on Must Have Perennials to provide you with only the best. Don’t miss these must-have varieties in this year’s catalog: Achillea Little Moonshine, page 21 Centaurea ‘Amethyst in Snow’, page 34 Euphorbia ‘Bonfire’, page 44 NEW Lychnis Petit Henri,...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 6

TRUSTED SUPPLIER FLORENSIS GLOBAL PARTNERS FLorensis is a breeder and young plant producer in The Netherlands, with decades of experience in the perennial, marketplace. Our long-standing partnership with Florensis allows us to broaden our network and provide the most exciting, innovative varieties on the market. Florensis has been providing professional growers with excellent plant propagation materials and solutions since 1941. We are pleased to offer a wide assortment of their top-quality varieties in this catalog. Take a look at some of these showstoppers: Achillea Milly Rock™ Series -...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 7

TRUSTED SUPPLIER DARWIN FARM - COLOMBIA Darwin Colombia continues to provide a reLiabLe supply of outstanding genetics from our unrooted cutting production farm outside of Bogota. We are focused on investing in the Long-term growth of our infrastructure and facilities to support our customers well into the future. This allows us to consistently supply a robust, dean stock program for healthy cuttings and AutoStix® inputs. Darwin Colombia is committed to facilitating your success. With these ongoing investments, we are poised to provide the highest-quaUty genetics, in full and on time. Here...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 8

TRUSTED SUPPLIER PERENNIAL LINER SUPPLIERS These suppliers have the fullest assortment of products available from this catalog. Go to startrack for the most complete offering and live availability from Star Roses and Plants' Supply Network and to order online. Ball Tagawa Arroyo Grande, CA Battlefield Farms, Inc. Rapidan, VA Creek Hill Nursery Leola, PA DeGoede Bulb Farm & Gardens Mossyrock, WA DGI Propagators Hudsonville, MI Emerald Coast Growers Pensacola, FL Green Leaf Plants (Aris Horticulture) Smoketown, PA Gro' n Sell, Inc. Chalfont, PA Gulley Greenhouse, Inc....

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 9

DARWIN PERENNIALS TEAM AN EXPERIENCED TEAM WITH STAYING POWER. These industry-leading perennial experts understand the challenges in the perennial marketplace. JACCO KUIPERS General Manager JKuipers@ 630 588-3430 KARL BATSCHKE Global Product Manager KBatschke@ 630 588-3373 CATHERINE BLANEY Operations Manager CBlaney@ 630 588-3168 KAREN BUNTING Perennial Business Manager SARA MELLARD DZINTRA OSIS Trials and Product Development Associate Business Manager Assistant Assistant Business Manager Product Representative CRISTINA BRUSCO...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 10

HERBS Choose from our wide-ranging selection of traditional and novel herbs, that come packed with delightful aromas and savory flavors perfect for any culinary dish. OCIMUM/BASIL, page 71 ‘Kasar' ORIGANUM/OREGANO, page 71 ‘Aureum' ‘Compactum' top seller Greek ‘Hot and Spicy' Italian Variegated ARTEMISIA/FRENCH TARRAGON, top seller page 29 CORIANDER, page 40 NEW Vietnamese SWEET MARJORAM, page 64 NEW Hortensis MENTHA/MINT, page 64 After Eight Apple Chocolate Citrata Orange ‘Kentucky Colonel' top seller Mojito NEW Moroccan Peppermint Peppermint Upright Pineapple Variegated Spearmint...

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2021 Darwin Perennials Catalog (Star Roses & Plants) - 11

laou-s- Plants with a Purpose Herb-A-Licious is an herb combo program with patio to plate performance. Each combo is crafted with outstanding ornamental, and cuLinary potential. - for an exciting array of uses for the home gardener. The program is available as unrooted cuttings from Darwin Colombia or as rooted liners from young pLant distributors. To Learn more about this herb program, visit BACK PATIO SIPS™ Uses: Herbal teas, DIY cocktails/ mocktails Explore the flavors of these delectable herbs just begging to be minced, muddled or blended into your next seasonal...

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