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eLaval milking unit BLUE The art of mirroring nature

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DeLaval stanchion system DeLaval stanchion system DeLaval Blue Extra large take-off alert indicator for the operator Pre-milking phase indicator DeLaval launched the world’s first mass-market milking machine in 1917, and we have been a leader in milking technology ever since. Main milking phase indicator Continuing that proud tradition, DeLaval introduces a new stanchion barn milking unit, the DeLaval BLUE. DeLaval BLUE replicates the action of a suckling calf more closely than ever. The result? Gentler action, faster milk let-down and greater efficiency for you. Post-milking phase lamp...

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For more information DeLaval Inc. 11100 North Congress Avenue Kansas City, MO 64153 Tel (816) 891-7700 Fax (816) 891-1606 DeLaval Inc. 3000 Lakeside Drive Suite 305 South Bannockburn, IL 60015 DeLaval milking unit BLuE The milking machine that mirrors nature Stanchion Plus+ DeLaval stanchion systems are renowned for high throughput, operating efficiency and cow comfort. With the introduction of Stanchion Plus+ we are taking dairy farming to the next level. Read more about Stanchion Plus+ A is a registered trademark of Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance...

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