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DeLaval Parallel Rotary PR3100HD Unmatched Performance and Reliability ™

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By bringing together the three pillars of productivity — optimal performance, effective herd management and advanced milking technology. DeLaval Plus+ The Fastest Rotary System Around High Quality, High Performance Faster Return on your Investment Optimal Performance The DeLaval PR3100HD is for dairymen who want to see a fast return on investment. With a new design, it brings new capabilities to dairy farms while meeting the high performance demands that farmers expect from a DeLaval rotary system. Advanced Milking Technology Effective Herd Management A lot of focus has been put on how the...

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Angled stalls Cows positioned for ease of cluster attachment Parallel Rotary PR3100HD More Milk per Hour is a Key for High Profitability The PR3100HD is designed for high-capacity milking where productivity is key and downtime is kept to a bare minimum. The revolving platform brings cows to the operator in a calm, comfortable and consistent routine. This enables the operator to focus on the core milking tasks. The result is a milking system that enables you to realize the full yield potential of your herd in less time and with less labor. Stainless steel low profile cabinets Easy for cow to...

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Drive unit – easy to service and installed in redundancy for back-up protection. A Heavy Duty Rotary that Embraces the Tough Conditions of the Barn The DeLaval PR3100HD rotary system is engineered and built to handle the tough environment of the dairy barn. High-quality, hard-wearing materials are used throughout to ensure it stands up to the daily routines on your farm and keeps on turning. Heavy-duty rotary If you are milking 24/7 or close to it, you need to know your rotary can handle it. The PR3100HD rotary has a number of features designed specifically to handle this. These include a...

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Our rotaries last so long because we build them for the future Being the best rotary system on the market today means nothing if you can’t benefit from the solutions of tomorrow. DeLaval incorporates the latest technology that is compatible with today's systems to be able to embrace the technological breakthroughs of tomorrow. Ensures consistent unit alignment, excellent hose management, and keeps retract chains out of the cow’s reach. Controls the unit and hose position when retracted. Even milk-out with less squawking Operator convenience Detacher cords don’t catch on your cows’ dewclaws...

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Safeguard Milk Quality Because every dairy farm is different in terms of herd size, barn configuration and milk storage system, DeLaval offers a range of milk cooling solutions to meet any requirement. DeLaval instant chill systems, like the Yukon Snap, meet the needs of the largest herds in the world. Our cooling systems deliver powerful, instant cooling that lock in the quality of your milk before it goes to the tank, milk silo or directly to the truck. Cleaning and Hygiene An effective cleaning system is essential to ensure high milk quality DeLaval plant cleaning unit C425 is an...

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DeLaval offers a range of additional solutions to complement your rotary system. • Rubber for walkways including slatted floors • Crowd gates to guide your cows gently to the platform for high and steady throughput • Milk quality solutions to help preserve the quality of your milk and even reduce the impact on the environment • DeLaval automatic footbaths for optimal cow health • Hoof care solutions including automated footbaths • The DeLaval swinging cow brush is designed to improve cow health, comfort and welfare • Good ventilation can make a big difference on your farm. If cows are cool...

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DeLaval Teat Sprayer Robot - TSR™ The DeLaval teat spray robot (TSR) is one of the first automatic spray solutions for farmers with parellel rotaries. It provides an accurate, optimal and consistent method for applying teat spray for your cows. The TSR helps to ensure the good health of cows while eliminating the need for traditional, labour-intensive teat spraying, and thus boosts farms’ productivity. Use your time more effectively Farmers and their staff can spend many hours per day manually spraying teats after milking. So why not let the TSR do the work and spend your time - and your...

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Improve the Safety of Cows and Staff Protect your Productivity with DeLaval InService™ Rotary milking platforms are high-performance machines. And like any high-performance machine, they need regular servicing to keep functioning at their best. DeLaval InService provides you with onsite expertise to get the best out of your rotary milking system. DeLaval trained and certified technicians carry out scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance to keep your system optimized and your operation running smoothly. Regular, planned maintenance is an investment that saves money. DeLaval...

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DeLaval Dairy Farm Planning Services Making your project with DeLaval is much more than dealing with a supplier of solutions for dairy farming. DeLaval can assist in planning and design of complete dairy farms. With an organized central farm planning team we have developed routines to document our customer needs, to provide a customized proposal adapted to our customers local conditions and an extensive network within DeLaval. Your local DeLaval representative has access to a global library of material related to dairy farm designing. We work with advanced simulation tools to calculate herd...

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For more information DeLaval Inc. 11100 North Congress Avenue Kansas City, MO 64153 Tel (816) 891-7700 Fax (816) 891-1606 DeLaval Inc. 3000 Lakeside Drive Suite 305 South Bannockburn, IL 60015 Follow DeLaval DeLavalUS ik is a registered trademark of Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A. and “DeLaval” is a registered trade/servicemark of DeLaval Holding AB. The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes. © 2015 DeLaval Inc. DeLaval, 11100 North Congress Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64153-1296. LIT#802102-0915

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