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Herd Navigator – focus on the right cow, at the right time, with the right treatment TM Availab for VM le S ALPRO ™& Parlou

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Herd Navigator™ has achieved amazing results1 in terms of improving productivity on dairy farms. The reason is simple; this system’s accuracy enables the dairy producer to intervene at an early stage and with the most precision available to dairy herd managers today. Automated solutions such as Herd Navigator™ give you a powerful tool to help you to improve animal welfare and milk quality without increasing your workload. This is what we at DeLaval call, “Smart Farming”. Successful reproduction Heat detection rates of at least 95% are reported on Herd Navigator™ farms. You want to manage...

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Herd Navigator™ can help to detect acute mastitis before physical signs are visible. Herd Navigator™ - a tool to help you manage udder health. Herd Navigator™ automatically measures lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the milk. The enzyme LDH is highly correlated to somatic cell counts early in new infections and is closely linked to the presence of mastitis. Levels of LDH rise rapidly when a new infection begins, measuring this with Herd Navigator™ results in an infection being detected before it is visible to the human eye. Automatic monitoring and analysis by Herd Navigator™ means that the...

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Herd Navigator™ from DeLaval is your proactive herd management system that delivers you up-to-the-minute information and advice on what action to take to improve cow reproduction and health. Real customer feedback about Herd Navigator™ Family Fraser Carlmar Farms Ottawa, Ontario 180 cows Double 12 Parallel GEAC Laquemine Pretz en Argonne France 90 cows VMS Detects heat by measuring progesterone Early detection of: silent heat, heat, pregnancy, abortion, folicular and luteal cysts, and prolonged anoestrus. Detects mastitis by measuring LDH, lactate dehydrogenase Early detection of acute...

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Herd Navigator™^ FOSS Combined peak competencies Herd Navigator™, the first product of the FOSS and DeLaval Solutions Brand, has been developed by FOSS A/S and DeLaval International AB, in close cooperation the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Aarhus University and the Danish Cattle Federation. FOSS provides innovation to the dairy industry to ensure it stays up to date with milk analysis demands. FOSS dedicated analytical solutions have proven to be significant for dairy herd improvement, raw milk testing, standardization in dairy production and verification of end product quality. FOSS...

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