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Herringbone Parlor HB30 and HB50 Performance, Durability and Value

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The right size parlor for your cows In the Medium Duty herringbone, DeLaval offers either 45" OC spacing in the HB30 or 31.5" spacing in the HB50 Parlor. Entrance gate shown with standard vacuum control Exit gate shown with optional manual control HB50° front end featuring stall definition Excellent cow positioning HB30 and HB50 have angled rumprail assemblies. The top rump rail is offset closer to the operator pit than the lower rump rail and follows the contour of the cow’s back legs in her natural standing position. This enables the cow to stand comfortably and close to the operator...

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DeLaval herringbone HB30 and HB50 offer excellent cow positioning, operator comfort and durability all at an attractive price. Good cow flow The entrance gate opens fully to allow cows to enter easily and walk quickly along the wide platform. The cow blocker works very well to keep the cow waiting in the correct position, this feature protects the last cow from any interference with optional electronic Cow ID. Herringbone options • The entrance and exit gates are both swing type. The entrance gate, which has the built in cow blocker, is always operated with a heavy duty vacuum cylinder. You...

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For more information DeLavalInc. 11100 NorthCongress Avenue Kansas City,MO 64153 Tel (816)891-7700 Fax (816)891-1606 Specifications for HB30 and HB50 Standard Features • HB50 31.5” cow spacing 78 %" cow deck • HB30 45" cow spacing 57" cow deck • Conventionalexitrelease • Suspended 2 1/2" x 5" beam frame • Suspended, angled rumprail assemblies with galvanized butt pans, optional SS • Standard or cantilevered curb, galvanized or stainless steel • Swinging entrance gate with vacuum control and cow blocker Options • Closed or open pit design • Breast rail Air Indexing • Manual or...

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