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DeLaval parallel parlors Throughput in the fast lane

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The more relaxed the cow, the faster the cow-flow Complete solutions for higher throughput Throughput in the fast lane: if you want to achieve smooth cow-flow and fast milk let-down, cows must feel relaxed in the parlor. With DeLaval parallel parlors you will achieve: Faster throughput Operator friendliness At DeLaval, we help you achieve fast throughput by ensuring cow traffic runs smoothly, milking equipment performs optimally, and that milking is fast and effective. In this way, you can help maximize throughput and milk yield, while minimizing costs per pound of milk. Integrated...

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Champion™ parallel parlor High throughput for 24/7 milking. Maximum cow comfort Champion is a heavy-duty parlor designed for use on medium to very large farms. With the sequencing gates mounted on the neck rails, the cow platform is left completely open for extra high throughput. Neckrail mounted gates also mean that posts do not have to be cemented in the cow platform, which allows for same-day installation in existing parlors. Faster cow-flow Open entrance lane Suspended butt-pan Open bottom neck-rail Draw-bar system Vertical butt-pan Neck-rail mounted sequence gates Heavy-duty cylinders...

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EnDurance™ parallel parlor The gold standard heavy-duty parlor equipped with exclusive features Vertical butt-pan DeLaval EnDurance is a heavy-duty parlor designed for large- to mega-sized herds that require around-the-clock milking. This no-compromise parlor can handle the toughest conditions with minimum maintenance. It includes a number of exclusive features such as Gang-Exit™ and Gang-Index™ to optimize labor time and operational costs. Faster cow-flow • Unique, open bottom neck-rail - designed with understanding of how cows move for faster entrance and exit. • Wide entrance lane...

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Open bottom neck-rail Faster cow-flow DeLaval Cascade delivers top-of-the-line performance at the right price. It’s a heavy-duty parlor designed for medium- to large-sized herds that require round-the-clock milking. Together with its swing-up exit, DeLaval Cascade gives you the flexibility to tailor a parlor from basic configurations to more efficiency-enhanced solutions. Cascade is designed to increase the speed of cow traffic with smooth cow-flow, while offering significant time and labor savings. Gang-Exit™ with Gang-Index™ Unique open bottom neck-rail -designed with understanding of how...

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Activity meter Crowd gate InService™ Hoof care Farm planning Milk room The integrated solution provider Farm management

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Farm planning Get the most out of your parlor milking system - plan today with tomorrow in mind Plan for success DeLaval has the experience and expertise to help you plan a milking system that will suit your specific situation - both now and in the future. The way in which you manage workflow is another important consideration when planning your parlor configuration. Plan for the future With milk yield per cow increasing and herd-sizes continuing to expand, your parlor should be configured to take this into account right from the start. Solutions to help you grow At DeLaval, we believe that...

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Crowd gate The right decision at the right time A herd management tool is essential for all farmers who are interested in optimizing production. DeLaval farm management system is a modular concept that allows you to manage sorting, feeding, milking and breeding as one integrated business operation. This optimum herd management solution keeps track of each animal, monitors trends and evaluates options. The power of control Knowledge is a powerful tool. Reliable ID and milking point controllers help you to manage your milking process in an accurate way and provide you with valuable...

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parallel parlors - 9 What they are saying For more information DeLaval Inc. DeLaval Inc. 11100 North Congress Avenue 3000 Lakeside Drive Kansas City, MO 64153 Suite 305 South Follow DeLaval DeLavalUSA @DeLavalUS DeLavalfilms Lima Ranch - California, USA 2x30 DeLaval EnDurance™ parallel parlor Jack Hamm looked at many parlors before deciding on the EnDurance™ parlor. He says that he made his choice based on the parlor’s unique features: “What caught my eye were the strength of the exit gates and the dependability of the milking system because all of the components are...

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