Basic Ration Management EZ 3400VL


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Basic Ration Management EZ 3400VL - 1

Digi-Star’s ideal entry level batching indicator. Weighing system with basic ration entry and batching capabilities, eliminating the need for feed sheets.

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Basic Ration Management EZ 3400VL - 2

Basic Ration Management. P r e c i s e ly. With Digi-Star’s E Z 3400V L indicator you can... • Build different recipes for multiple pens • Utilize basic recipe and batching capabilities • Eliminates the need for feed sheets • Enter rations by three different methods . Amount per animal . Percent per load . Amount per load • Move the cursor logically through setup screens and menus • Simply edit existing recipes or add new recipes/rations • Toggling capability allows user to change modes (Net/Gross/Load/Unload) • Access a definable Ingredient Name Table • User can choose from 1 ingredient...

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