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Precision Agriculture EZIII Series Stale Indicators ing Measuring Solutions to Optimize Agricultural Performance

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Precision Agriculture Weighing Systems - 2

Which Digi-Star Indicator Is Best For You? EZ400 – Small, Compact and Reliable Basic scale for compact spaces – ideal for grain carts, seeders and in-cab applications - Tare Key and Net/Gross Key allow for quick display viewing - 4 mounting bracket options: standard, wedge, u-bolt and RAM for greater flexibility - Front panel programmability for basic set up and calibration - Backlit display EZ2400 & EZ2400V – Provides Durability and Simplicity Improved visibility with new larger 1.2” display size on standard models Provides basic features for most applications – TMR mixers and grain carts...

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Precision Agriculture Weighing Systems - 3

Remote & Accessory Family Remote Display RD440 / Mirror Mount Clear 1” LCD display with alarm light - Unique compact size - Compatible with all Digi-Star indicators Wireless Transmitter/ Receiver lets you Zero (Tare) and select net or gross from up to 100 ft. away - Advances ingredient/pen when using batching indicator Large 1.7” LCD display with alarm light - Bright LCD backlight for dark or inclement conditions - Impact resistant window protects LCD - Store weight/ feeding data from the indicator - 1,600 lines of printed data storage - Eliminates printers and high maintenance costs Cab...

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Precision Agriculture Weighing Systems - 4

Load Cells Differential and Shear Weigh Beams (DB & SB) Available in capacities from 1,500 to 30,000 lbs Accuracy 99.5% Especially designed for installation in frames or on axles OPTIONAL: Temperature compensated load cells are available for applications requiring accurate inventory over varying temperatures Available in capacities up to 50,000 lbs Accuracy 99.75% to 99.9% Standard temperature compensated Ideal for stationary/mobile applications with high capacity such as feed mixers, grain carts, (bio)mixers, silos and weighbridges Special mounts available for stationary or mobile...

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