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Laava Tech works together with Heikkinen to develop and manufacture smart greenhouse solutions. After years of R&D, we believe that our solution offers versatile learning outcomes for our customers. We see smart greenhouses as an integral part of today's environmentally conscious society, enabling people to get excited about biology, advanced energyefficient agricultural technology, and healthy eating. What's included: With our vertical farm you can: Vertical farm with integrated, water-powered aeroponics system Grow microgreens, babyleaf, mature plants Starter kit for growing plants: 24 jute mats (600x600mm), 8 plant species, macro- and micronutrients for nutrient solution (optional) Use linen mats or coconut fiber pots with peat Grow in clean water or nutrient solution with fertilizers (optional) Access to the farm management application (iOS, Android) Harvest microgreens valued at 1620 euros each month (crops 27 kg per month, priced at up to 60 euros per kilogram, depending on the plants grown) Delivery & Installation The growing cycle of the plants: Prepare the seeds according to the instructions Distribute the required amount of seeds evenly over the prepared mats Cover with the included lid to keep the plants in the dark, in ideal growing conditions Enable the growing mode Remove the caps after 4 days When growing microgreens, they must be cut before permanent leaves appear The mat is used for one cycle. We recommend recycling biological waste in the form of rugs and roots in a composter. All materials are organic and not harmful to the environment. Each tier of the grower can be turned on and off independently f rom the others. Using the application, functions such as lighting, ventilation, solution preparation and watering are activated. The application can be used in a simplified mode (with pre-configured parameters) and in professional mode (with advanced features). As any device, our farm may occasionally need maintenance. For this, we offer: Detailed operating instructions are included with the farm, as well as tips on ensuring great results for plant growth. Technical support by phone, possibility of technicians at location to solve any issues. Support related to cultivation processes is carried out electronically. Briefing during installation. Add water as needed or connect to a water supply. To maintain cleanliness, after each cultivation cycle, ensure that there are no roots or plant residues left on the tray. It is necessary to wash the filter under running water once a month. Average monthly consumption and operating costs (based on 3 cycles of 10 days, all tiers): Optionally, macro- and micronutrients for the nutrient solution. Mineral or organic can be used. The price depends on the manufacturer, approximately 15 EUR. Storage conditions for consumables: Mats - in a dry place Seeds - dry, cool, dark place Expected lifespan - 10 years When growing microgreens of various types, the average monthly yield is 27 kg. When growing exclusively sunflower, the yield can be up to 60 kg

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