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For major lawn renovation that requires complete reconstruction, it is essential to remove the old turf. By removing a thin top layer, you can not only remove weathered grass plants, but also any overgrowth of weeds, moss and other parasites that have settled into the lawn over the years. It is good to start the new lawn with a clean slate. The ELIET TURFAWAY 600’s unique concept allows you to quickly loosen a thin turf layer with precision. . The unique construction of this sod cutter on tracks ensures a stable machine with optimum soil grip, which ensure maximum comfort for the operator. Thanks to the increased traction the tracks provide, the ELIET TURFAWAY can loosen sods that are 60 cm wide. This guarantees optimum yield. > Optimum grip Sods should preferably be loosened when the soil is damp. The tracks have a greater contact surface on the soil, which provides maximum grip and better traction. > Optimum manoeuvrability The propulsion of the tracks is hydrostatic. The speed of each track can be adjusted so that the machine takes corners smoothly and can even turn on its axis. That is why the TURFAWAY can be used for any lawn.

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It is super-easy to operate the TURFAWAY. The clutch for traction and blade propulsion is operated with the left hand. . The right hand is free to steer the machine via a centrally-placed joystick. To get the blade at the depth you want to work, you will have to engage your leg muscles, because this is done with the foot. The handlebar has vibration dampers to increase the comfort of the operator. To be able to cut thin, attached sods, the cutter was placed behind the tracks. When it is being loosened, the sod can move freely and will no longer be pressed down by the machine.. Thanks to the...

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