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2016 ARC Protection - 2

Elvex® is a leading manufacturer of safety solutions for millions of workers worldwide. For over thirty five years Elvex® has focused on developing innovative products with high quality features and benefits to our customers. Our sales reach in the electric power industry is extensive, with sales of more than 150,000 Electric ARC shields and distributors in over 60 countries worldwide. As a respected industry leader, Elvex® serves a variety of industries including: electric power generation, mining, oil & gas, construction, forestry, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and manufacturing....

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2016 ARC Protection - 3

What is an Arc Flash? It’s a short circuit that flashes from one exposed live conductor to another, or to the ground resulting in electrical discharge that uses the air as a conductor. The process ionizes air which then becomes almost as conductive as metal. This sudden and massive release of energy is like an explosion generating temperatures reaching up to 20,000 degrees C which is 4 times hotter than the surface of the sun. This enormous energy can melt or vaporize metal and other components blasting them with explosively hot gasses into the immediate region, destroying the electrical...

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2016 ARC Protection - 4

Where Do You Start? Conduct an electrical system RISK ASSESSMENT analysis to determine what degree of arc flash hazard is present. It’s all about the potential fault current and requires technical knowledge and understanding of each specific scenario. This must be performed by a qualified Electrical Engineer who is experienced in this field. The risk assessment will determine the hazard risk category and level of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required. How Can PPE Help Minimize Risk? NFPA 70E standards details the safe working practices and are designed to minimize the occurrence...

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2016 ARC Protection - 5

ELVEX® QUALITY & TEST STANDARDS PPE/HRC 1 and 2 ARC KIT TEST STANDARDS: ATPV arc ratings for Elvex® Arc Shields are to ASTM F2178-08 Test standards for Face Protective Products, certified by Kinectrics Laboratory. New ArcFit 14™ shield is CE Short Circuit Electric Arc Class 2 Certified. Elvex® Face Shield Light Transmission, UV and High Mass Impact ratings are certified by ICS Laboratory to ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard. Elvex® Shield mounting accessories are certified for High Mass Impact and High Velocity ratings by ICS Laboratory to ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard. Tectra Safety helmets ANSI Z89,...

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2016 ARC Protection - 6

Flash-Pro™ 74 or 44 CAL ARC Protection Kits For optimal thermal protection, ask for Elvex® Flash-Pro™ ARC Flash 74 or 44 protection kits by name. Designed for ARC Flash protection, these kits protect workers against thermal energy releases based on 2015 NFPA 70E standards for HRC PPE Category 4. The Para-Aramid fabric over Modequilt is 33% lighter than the traditional cotton fabric! Offering more mobility, lightweight comfort and flexibility that makes it ideal for hot climates. Flash-Pro™ 74 CAL ARC Protection Kit for HRC PPE 4 (with overalls) Model FP-AG74-MS ARC Kit includes: »...

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2016 ARC Protection - 7

Flash-Pro™ 43, 32 or 21 CAL ARC Protection Kits When electric ARC Flash protection is needed, choose Elvex® Flash-Pro™ 43, 32, or 21 protection kits. They provide protection against ARC flash exposure, meets 2015 NFPA 70E standards and tested by Kinectric High Laboratory. Flash-Pro™ 43 CAL ARC Protection Kit for HRC PPE 4 Model FP-AG43 ARC Kit includes: Flash-Pro™ HD-FS-ARC40-18 ARC Hood system, 43 cal/cm², of Westex Ultrasoft 9 oz. over 13 oz., system includes Elvex proprietary molded ARC shield of polycarbonate material with special thermal absorbers of .078" thickness for maximum impact...

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2016 ARC Protection - 8

Flash-Pro™ 12 CAL and 14 CAL ARC Protection Kits Elvex® offers a range of ARC Head/Face Protection Kits for PPE/HRC 1 & 2 in accordance to NFPA 70E -2012 applications. There are 6 Arc Kits available that include: Tectra™ hard hat, Arc face shield with visor bracket, balaclava, hearing protection choice of the QuickSnap™ cap mounted ear muffs with 25 NRR or Quattro™ reusable ear plugs with 27 NRR. CU-ARC-1 includes Quattro™ Ear Plugs CU-ARC-3 includes Quattro™ Ear Plugs Product Features » Arc shields are ANSI Z87.1 Compliant. » Industry-leading 0.078” thickness for optimal thermal & impact...

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2016 ARC Protection - 9

Elvex® ArcFit 14™ Face Shield The ArcFit 14™ face shield is an all-new ARC face shield with an ASTM F2178 arc rating of 14 cal/cm² and certified to CE Short Circuit Electric ARC Class 2 requirements. Featuring a newly designed and improved chin guard that provides extended protection under the chin while allowing a greater range of head movement compared to other competitive models. How Does ArcFit 14™ Stack Up to the Competition? 1. Higher VLT 2. 12% Lighter in Weight 3. Higher cal/cm² Rating - 14 cal/cm 4. Slimmer by 2.5 inches Top View. Elvex vs. Competition 5. Better Chin Protection...

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2016 ARC Protection - 10

Elvex® Arc Flash Face Shields Elvex© offers a range of specialty face shields for Arc Flash Hazards in extreme thermal energy conditions. Key benefits of ELVEX© ARC Shields are the following: Proprietary molded polycarbonate design with special spectral absorbers. Industry-leading 0.078” thickness for optimal thermal and impact protection. Arc shields are ANSI Z87.1 Compliant. Anti-Fog coating for long term anti-fog performance. Light green shield tint provides excellent visible light transmission (VLT). All components tested and certified at Kinectrics High Current Laboratory. ARC-Shield...

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2016 ARC Protection - 11

Flash-Pro™ ARC Switch & All Day Use Coveralls Elvex® Flash-Pro™ switch coveralls are heavy duty, flame resistant and are required to be worn in conjunction with electric ARC shields, safety helmet, and other ARC rated PPE equipment. The coveralls protect the whole chest area, arms and legs against PPE/HRC 1 & 2 applications. Flash-Pro™ FP-CO-12 Switch FR Coveralls with reinforced bar tacks for durability. Features Velcro® leg slits that fits easily over boots/shoes and Velcro® front closure for easy on and off. Made with 9 oz. of blended cotton Ultra Soft fabric and Nomex® thread for...

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