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MACView® MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY MACView® ETHYLENE ANALYSER The concept for safe storage of flower bulbs and guaranteed energy savings Energy savings and quality improvement Ethylene (ISO-name ethene), is produced from sick or “sour” tulip bulbs and is very harmful for tulip bulbs during the storage period: Too high concentrations of ethylene results in gum, weight loss, tearing up, and flower dehydration. From fear of ethylene inside the storage there are mostly to high ventilation rates used then strictly necessary. This consumes to much energy and lead to dehydration of the tulip bulbs. The MACView®-Ethylene analyser measures ethylene with high accuracy and reliable, even at very low concentrations. By connecting the ethylene measurement signal to a climate computer, the ethylene concentrations are stored inside the climate computer and the valve for ventilation is automatically controlled. By this principle there is not more ventilated then necessary. Energy savings are done and quality loss is prevented. During the storage season and after this period, the ethylene concentration history can be analyzed easy. This information is very important to guarantee the quality of the outstanding storage. The MACView®-Ethylene analyser is paid back in a few years, only based on energy savings. Added is the quality improvement with guaranteed en safe ethylene concentrations with a minimum of weight loss. MEASUREMENT TECHN

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MACView®-Ethylene Analyser screenshots: Realtime status and trendlines of ethylene Ethylene concentrations and control by valves EMS has developed the MACView®-Ethylene Analyser special for be connected directly to the climate computer, a frequency converter or a valve control. the market of flower bulbs. The MACView®-Ethylene Analyser is a high precision measurement device for the measurement of harm- ful ethylene gas is storage rooms of flower bulbs. The MACView®- The MACView®-Ethylene Analyser can be used without a climate com- Ethylene Analyser shows measured values of ethylene...

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The MACView®-Ethylene Analyser can be connected to every climate computer resulting in higher quality of the flowerbulbs and measurable energy savings MACView® MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY Computer / Database With the ethylene analyser a dangerous situation can be triggered by use of a relays. The relays can be adjusted in the menu. the cell's ethylene history. This information is very valuable for Applications are many. A acoustic signal or flashlight can be used ensuring high quality storage and serves as an important selling point for high quality flower bulbs. - During storage and afterwards,...

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Type Sensor types Interface to climate computers Material of the housing Norm and standards Program types Signals / alarms Logging data Service connection Supply Working temperature Software User interface Dimensions Mounting Manufacturer MACWew®-Ethylene Analyser, based on the latest sensor technology Ethylene sensor and Actellic-detection for the detection and control of chemical measurement to prevent harmful effects due to aggressive chemicals like Actellic 4-20mA for ethylene signal, adjustable, potential free digital input for signal to climate computer "Start gassing" or "Standby"...

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