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The solution for measuring harmful gas in greenhouses The MACView ®-Greenhouse Gas Analyser is an extreme sensitive gas measurement device for monitoring harmful gasas in greenhouses. The gas measurement device measures in ambient air NO, NO2, C2H4, CO and CO2 with a very high precision. The MACView ®-Greenhouse GA displays the amount of gas in the range of ppb (Parts Per Billion). This device assist the grower to become more conscious and gives more insight into the amount of harmful gas around crop. The allowable concentrations and time for crop are known as maximum allowed concentrations over time. Monitoring While using CO2 fertilisation in greenhouses, there is a possibility of amassment or pile up of harmful gas. The reason for this pile up is that CO2 is consumed by the crop, and harmful gas is not immediately broke down. A small amount of (harmful) gas which is present in the greenhouse for a relative short period of time, would (normally) not be detrimental for the crop. However, exposing the crop to a minimum of gas for a relative long period of time could damage the crop. This is also dependent of kind of crop, cultivar, age and improving stress conditions like light, temperature, RH etc. around the crop. MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY

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MACView ®Greenhouse Gas Analyser is the wanted component to fertilize the Crop. The ratio between The MACView ®-Greenhouse GA measures 5 types of gases at the harmful gas components and CO2 is thus important. same time which have all known effects on crop. Connection to the Climate computer NO (Nitric Oxide): This type of gas is most of the time submitted by The MACView®-Greenhouse GA monitors gas on the level of the combustion processes. This processes could be: engines (cogene- crop. In this way, the climate in the greenhouse can be controlled ration), boilers, stoves, fire,...

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The MACView ®-Greenhouse Gas Analyser asists the grower by interpretting the way the gascon- MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY ditions in the greenhouse are in relation the valuable product in the greenhouse. Klimaatcomputer / Database Reasons of existing gases As a reason of present harmful gases in greenhouses, people often Calibration / Maintenance blames potential polluters like cogeneration, engines and boilers. The MACView ®-Greenhouse Gas Analyser is an instrument that Nevertheless, because of those are well-known reasons, those needs to be calibrated 2 times a year. EMS performs this calibra-...

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ECIFICATIONSMACM'ew®-Greenhouse Gas Analyser nalyser Ill MAC View® MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY Type of Gas Analyser Type of Sensors Measurement interval Inlet / Outlet of the flow Type of Housing (Safety / EMC) Standards Measurement Modus Settings of Detection and Alarm Analog Outputs Data interface / service interface Data Storage Powering Working Temperature Software Languages Control Panel Dimensions Greenhouse GA Dimensions IO-BOX Weight MACWew®-Greenhouse Gas Analyser NO (Nitric Oxide) measurement range 0-2.000 ppb NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) measurement range 0-2.000 ppb C2H4 (Ethylene)...

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