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ETESIA SALES & SERVICE DEALER ETESIA worldwide - rc 84 b 50 - Non binding documents & pictures. Printed in France. - Ref: 08156 - 08-2023 Edition

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GREEN SPACE MAINTENANCE MM103: Scarifier • Working width 80 cm • It allows your lawn to breathe by ridding it of the moss that suffocates it • For wet and shaded plots THE COMPANY specialises in the design, manufacture unchallenged market leader in mowing and and marketing of professional equipment for collection. Today, it is one of the main suppliers to green space maintenance. The company has municipal authorities and European landscape prospered over the last 30 years to become the MET: Spreader • Capacity: 60 litres • Put salt or sand in winter TRANSPORT Tow bar (standard) The standard...

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30 years of Etesia on video THE COMPANY THE ETESIA BENEFITS THE ETESIA INNOVATIONS RIDE-ON MOWERS HYDRO 124D RANGE Hydro 124D Accessories Hydro 124D range RIDE-ON MOWERS BUFFALO RANGE Buffalo 124 cm Buffalo 100 cm Accessories Buffalo range RIDE-ON MOWERS HYDRO 100 III & MK124 Hydro 100 III Accessories Hydro 100 III & MK124 RIDE-ON MOWERS BAHIA - HYDRO 80 RANGE Bahia Petrol Bahia Electric M2E - M2EL Bahia MKM Hydro 80 Hydro 80 e-connect Accessories Bahia - Hydro 80 range PROFESSIONAL PEDESTRIAN MOWER RANGE Pro 53 Pro 51 Pro 46 Evolution Pro 46 The original Duocut 46 N-ERGY 2/battery Biocut...

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Product catalogue 2023 - 4

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE ETESIA mowers guarantee impeccable mowing quality regardless of the conditions (tall, wet grass) and the kind of mowing (collection, mowing and mulching). MADE-IN-EUROPE INNOVATION Since it was founded in 1989, ETESIA has produced its mowers in its factory in Wissembourg (France) and has been outstanding in the innovations it has brought to the green space market. It can call on its very own highend Research, Design and Test Centre, which is unique in Europe and, in 2009, won the regional prize for innovation. In 2017 it launched , the Hydro 80 e-connect, the first...

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Product catalogue 2023 - 5

Etesia innovation on video Innovation the key to ETESIA's success For 30 years, our R&D staff have developed a series of innovative concepts that have revolutionised green space maintenance and taken our company from success to success. Mowing and collecting BIOCUT, MULCHING BY ETESIA MOWING AND COLLECTING The ETESIA concept eliminates all risks of clogging, offering the first ride-on mower with direct rear ejection and integrated collection. Today, ETESIA is the only manufacturer of ride-on mowers to develop the cutting system first and then the tractor afterwards. Unique cutting quality....

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Product catalogue 2023 - 6

BIO CONCEPT Environmental protection and a commitment to sustainable development in general have always been among our key concerns, even before they became the latest buzzwords. That is why at ETESIA, we have developed our own philosophy called Bio Concept. It is reflected in the fact that environmental protection is addressed in all areas of the company and at every stage in the life of our equipment. The choice of manufacturing materials and processes takes account of their environmental impact. Bio Concept also covers different projects to develop new clean engines. That is how ETESIA...

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Product catalogue 2023 - 7

MULTIFUNCTIONAL ELECTRIC VEHICLE You thought you had already seen everything the ETESIA brand has to offer? Discover ET-LANDER, the 100% electric multifunction vehicle designed and built by ETESIA. When you choose the ET-LANDER, you get a vehicle made of 95% recyclable materials and developed in collaboration with professional green space managers such as landscapers, cities and municipalities. ETESIA's commitment to greener machines is not new, and for good reason! The brand developed its first electric ride-on lawnmower in 2012. Trust a manufacturer of equipment for green space maintenance...

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Product catalogue 2023 - 8

Range Hydro 124D Technical specifications Accessories Counter-rotating blades Direct rear ejection Removable deck • Recommended area: up to 30 000 m² per day • High tipping up to 1,80 m • Mowing with collection, mulching, high grass mowing • Cutting width: 124 cm • Diesel engine 23 HP / 17 kW • Hydraulic transmission • Wide range of acc

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Product catalogue 2023 - 10

EFFICIENT Collection under optimal mowing conditions thanks to the Collection Concept (p.4): - Direct rear ejection: no obstruction between the deck and the grassbox - 2 counter-rotating blades that emit a powerful lift and draught effect - Hydraulic emptying of the grass box - Hydraulic transmission on the 2 wheel drive (H124DN and DL) or 4 wheel drive (H124DX) COMFORTABLE - Steering console fully adjustable - Easy and functional controls - Power steering ROBUST - Screw-assembled mechanically welded chassis - Mastershock cutting deck VERSATILE Wide range of accessories: scarifier, mulching...

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Product catalogue 2023 - 11

MOTEUR MOTOR Brand Type Rated power; cm3 Nominal rated power * Constructors' max. rated power Fuel tank capacity; litres Maximum operating rate; rev/min Lombardini 1003 by Kohler 3 cylinder (Diesel or biodiesel B30) 1028 17 kW (23 HP) 18 kW (25 HP) 19 2 820 TRANSMISSION Type Speed; km/h hydraulic 4 wheel drive CUTTING Cutting width; cm Adjustment of cutting height; mm Clutch operated blade Recommanded area; m² per day Removable cutting deck OTHER Grassbox emptying Grassbox capacity; litres Weight; kg Dimensions; L x w x h; cm Power grip Diff lock Road legal kit (*) Nominal power at maximum...

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TURFCARE MSC124: Front scarifier* • Working width 1,25 m • Adjustable working depth • Two folding and retractable units • Quick assembly without tools. *with hydraulic power take-off option for Hydro 124 DL model MU124P: Mulching insert • For ecological and economical mowing • Installation at the rear of the cutting deck is quick and does not require a special blade assembly mulching MCM144: Mulching deck • Working width 1,24 m • Switching from one cutting deck to another takes less than 30 minutes MD124: Deflector • Mowing in all conditions • Toolless mounting in place of the

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