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CATALOGUE 2018 - 2

Do you know you can store about Do you know the feed from 240 tons of grass silage in one bag matter in silage bunker range energy values compared to other bales (in the case of round bales) losses on dry matter only 5 – 8 %? for the same amount and you would spend 14 stretch foils. About the company 1 Present time and vision 1 Why to choose EURO BAGGING 2 Advantages of the storage in bags 2 References 3 Silage baggers 4 Silage baggers with remote controls 6 Storage of crimped wet grain 8 Silage bags 10 Storage of dry grain 12 Storage of brewer’s grain and other products 1

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 3

ABOUT THE COMPANY The origin of the thought of the production of silage baggers and the distribution of silage bags EURO BAGGING is dated in 1996 when Petr Jurek set off together with a group of colleagues and farmers to Canada to explore possibilities of a new way of storage of bulky feed - the storage feed in bags. Petr Jurek worked as an agronomist in the bigger agricultural company in Highlands (Vysocina) in that time and that company needed to solve necessarily the storage of feed for its milk farm. That system had been already working for many years in Canada and it had been showing...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 4

@ Everything what is produced and delivered by our company is under our supervision, we are not middlemen. @ We are only the Czech company with long history and stable background. @ We take care of the quality selection of our suppliers to ensure the highest quality of our products. @ We are people who are experienced in the agricultural field. @ We are not concentrated on the quantity, we are focud on the QUALITY. @ We listen to trends of the present time and we regulate everything to the requirements of the market. @ We use the most modern technologies for the production of bags and...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 5

We, the company NADEC AGRICULTURE, are one of the We have been using the technology of storage in bags since I have chosen the technology EURO BAGGING because of biggest farm in Saudi Arabia. We store more than 80.000 tons 2009. Before that we pressed big square bales. Grass silage the low purchase price of storage technology and because of silage and we deliver to our milk farms. According to us and maize silage were stored in the open area and there of the stable fermentation process. It is not the same like in this system is the best storage system compared to the large were occured big...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 6

What is possible to store with our silage baggers? • Grass silages, alfalfa silages, grain silages - GPS • Maize silage • Sugarbeet pulps • Brewer's grain and by-products from distilleries • Crimped and grained grain - CCM •Whole dry or wet grain We are offering five silage baggers nowadays. Four of them are powered by a tractor and one is self-propelled. All machines produced by us have two positions - for work and for transport. All models have a slow-moving rotor and a feedtable with a PVC belt. This technology has proved us for long time and it offers to a customer versatility and the...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 7

The smallest silage bagger designed for farmers and small agricultural companies. The are produced in two versions – the version without a backstop with braking of the inner cable loop and the verison with the backstop in the case of the bagging after silage cars. The middle-size silage bagger with a tunnel 2,4 – 3,0 m. This machine is for agricultural companies and farms. The silage bagger with fully basic equipment and high power. Power of a machine: 40 – 70t /an hour Rotor: ø560 mm, working lenght 2340 mm, 96 fingers Needed tractor: 100 - 150 HP Hydraulic system: from a tractor Constant...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 8

SILAGE BAGGERS WITH REMOTE CONTROLS We use modern technology We use the remote control for maximal comfortness of the operating at silage baggers EB 310 LG and EB 316 LG. The remote control is used for disassembling the machine from working to transport position. The remote control works on the base of Bluetooth and thanks to this technology it is possible to control the machine through the mobile phone with the system Adroid when the remote control is broken or somebody forgets it (it is usually done that anybody never forgets his telephone anywhere). The self-riding silage bagger EB 310...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 9

The silage bagger is determined, especially, for bigger agricultural companies and for service companies. This silage bagger has the highest level of equipment and it is concentrated on high power and the maximal comfortness for the operator. The silage bagger is determined, especially, for big agricultural companies and for biogas stations. A tunnel of the machine is 3,6 m for saving space. This silage bagger has the highest level of equipment and it is concentrated on high power and the maximal comfortness for the operator. The self-riding machine is determined for big agricultural...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 10

STORAGE OF CRIMPED WET GRAIN GRAIN STORED IN WET, CRIMPED STATE The crimping of wet maize or grain gives us the whole line of advantages and it has been expanding to all European farms and to other countries recently. The trend of the pressing of wet grain is being solved in every agricultural company with highly quality and energic feed for milk farms at present. The ripeness of the grain should be optimally in range 35 – 40 %, which is considerably higher amount than at the harvest of dry grain. Advantages: It is possible to harvest wet grain more earlier from a field before it reaches...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 11

A small farmer grain crimper with a tunnel 1,5 – 2,0 m for small farms with a simple disk drive. A Professional high-powered crimper of grain with tunnels 1,5 – 2,4 m with double disk drive. This machine is determined for bigger agricultural companies and for service companies. Power of a machine: 8 – 15 tons/an hour* Needed tractor: 80 - 120 HP Size of a hopper: 2,1 m3 Transport speed: 20 km/h Size of a tunnel: 1,5 | 2,0 m Weight of a machine: 2.100 kg Power of a machine: 20 – 40 tons/an hour* Needed tractor: 120 - 180 HP Size of a hopper: 7,0 m3 Equipment: simple axle hydraulically braked...

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