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Eurospand 2020


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Eurospand 2020 - 2

Born in the 70’s of the past century, the brand Eurospand has always stood out with success for the special attention paid to produce and supply professional fertilizer spreaders characterized by structural sturdiness, precision of distribution, resistance to corrosion, continuous and constant technical innovation, making these features the core of its way of thinking. In 2001 OMB invented and produced the Vibro System, a vibrating hopper bottom system that has been applied on all its production of double disc spreaders with great success since then. The plant covers an area of 8500 metres...

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Eurospand 2020 - 3

Why choose Eurospand? David, Galileo, Jolly, Elettra: the double disc fertilizer spreaders of the Eurospand brand, are the ideal aid for the correct and accurate distribution of mineral fertilizers, organic amenders and seeds. A correct fertilizer distribution is not a cause of pollution: on the contrary it is indispensable help for better farming. VIBRO SYSTEM Vibrant hopper Bottom without agitator. LATERAL FEEDING Optimal distribution also un uneven grounds. DOSAGE AND DISTRIBUTION Micrometric dosage and self-positioning of the launch angle. TPS Protection of the fertilizer spreader...

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Eurospand 2020 - 4

VIBRO SYSTEM without agitator The system with vibrating hopper bottom that feeds continuously the distribution system. The non-use of agitators avoids the products crushing, assuring a uniform dosage of the chosen quantities, of granular, powdered and pelleted fertilizers and seeds. The two stainless steel grids applied above the vibrating bottom retain the fertilizer lumps and maintain constant the fertilizer pressure on the feed system. VIBRO-SYSTEM solves the issues related to: • Break of granules of fertilizers or seeds • Heat and formation of lumps • Distribution of all type of...

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Eurospand 2020 - 5

FERN EQUIPMENT SINCE I31U LATERAL FEEDING Feed the fertilizer laterally to the vane, means elimination of the granule brake and powdering during distribution. The products are conveyed on the vanes with a progressive acceleration, creating a regular and continuous flux, also on uneven grounds, where the traditional systems with outflow of the fertilizer from above cannot assure transversal smoothness. ANTITURBOLENCE Moulded vanes with patented cadges and a stainless-steel barrier above the spreading discs. Two of our winning choices ever for an optimal transversal distribution.

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Eurospand 2020 - 6

DOSAGE and DISTRIBUITION A system of automatic positioning optimises the entrance of fertilizer on the spreading disc depending on the dispensed quantity increase. PERFECT DISTRIBUTION WITH DOUBLE OVERLAP 120 It is possible to act manually on the advanced or lateness egress of fertilizer on the disc, to compensate for different physical features of fertilizers. Shutters in stainless steel with variable-geometry openings allow to obtain an adequate dosage curve both for micro-quantities and large injections.

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Eurospand 2020 - 7

Fertilizer Spreader Protection system The Transmission Protection System avoid any damage to the transmission shafts when the PTO shaft does not have the correct length. The central box is anchored to the chassis through six rubber mountings that absorb anomalous bending borne by the input shaft. HYDRAULIC OPENING and CLOSING OPTION 1 – One DE distributor The independence of the left and right circuit is obtained by the actuation of the valves. Open ON/OFF valve Closed Quick coupling valve OPTION 2 – Two DE distributors The indepence of the left and right circuit is obtained directly by...

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Eurospand 2020 - 8

STAINLESS STEEL The components of the feeding, measuring and distribution systems, as well as all the bolts are made in stainless steel as a guarantee of a long life. All the metal parts not in stainless steel undergo a sandblasting and powder coating procedure with double applications and heating at 220° C. Curved tubes and conveniently shaped round edges avoid the sediment of powders of fertilizer and facilitate washes on every frame and hopper parts.

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Eurospand 2020 - 9

WEIGHT SYSTEM The required dosage is automatically adjusted according to the forward speed (Forward Speed Calibration) by means of two linear actuators. The versions “+W” with a double frame integrates two load cells, 5 tons each, that detect the real weight of the product in the hopper in a continuous way, reporting every fertiliser and every physical variation to a distribution curve in order to deliver the exact quantity per hectare required. Two magnetic sensors detect the exact opening of each shutter and control directly the linear actuators avoiding any possible error of position....

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Eurospand 2020 - 10

VIBRO SYSTEM LATERAL DOSAGE AND TPS STAINLESS STEEL HYDRAULIC ELECTRONIC WEIGHING SYSTEM SPREADING INTER-ROW CAPACITY WEIGHT FEEDING DISTRIBUITION ANTI-CORROSIVE OPENINGS WIDTH FULL-FIELD DISTRIBUTION The maximum versatility. This model with only 1,2 meters of width is ideal for the intensive fertilization in orchards and vineyards rows from 2 up to 5 metres. Designed for the localized inter-row distribution David Fruit, thanks to a stainless-steel module conveyor, enables to transform quickly and be adaptable for different types of distribution. It takes just one minute to extract the...

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Eurospand 2020 - 11

STAINLESS STEEL ANTI-CORROSIVE HYDRAULIC OPENINGS WEIGHING SYSTEM MAX SPREADING WIDTH FULL-FIELD USaM rffUIT The high load capacity and spreading width make this model ideal for the intensive fertilization of olive plantations, groves and palm groves Designed for the localized inter-row distribution Jolly Fruit, thanks to a stainless-steel module conveyor, enables to transform J quickly and be adaptable for different types of distribution. It takes just one minute to extract the carter and lift the two lateral extensions and transform the spreader for the full-field distribution with...

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Eurospand 2020 - 12

LATERAL FEEDING STAINLESS STEEL ANTI-CORROSIVE HYDRAULIC OPENINGS Little dimensions, great contents. Model with reduced dimensions, for needs of fertilizer and sowing of mid- little agricultural and sports areas. David, even though his compact dimensions, results extremely strength, supporting useful loads up to 1200 kg and it is ideal to be used with small-mid power tractors with I and II hook category in two different positions.

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