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AXIAL WALL FAN SMALL FALL CARACTERÍSTICAS: • Motor and legs made of aluminium. • Metal parts painted in polyester. • Screws and bolts made of stainless steel. • Thermal protection incorporated. • Treatment against UV rays. • Crankshaft oil seal and closing rubber. • Protection grids according to regulation. • Insulation IP54. • Motor class F. • Draining lids. • Possibility to supply a probe of revolutions. The perfect finishing provided by the toric joints guarantee its perfect water tightness, the bearings and also other significant details, make it the ideal fan used to successfully face any extreme situation we will have to overcome for sure. Polígono industrial Río Gállego, Calle D / Nº 10 - 50840 San Mateo de Gállego, Zaragoza - SPAIN Phone: (+34) 976 694 530 - Fax: (+34) 976 690 96

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Axial or helicoidal fans to be installed on walls. The air inlet and outlet follows an axial direction (perpendicular to the plan of the blades) according to the coaxial cylindrical surface. They are widely used for ventilating farms, they are also indistinctively used to propel or intake large volumes of low pressure air. Locking bearings ref. 2RS60203 and 2Z6203, the use of grease with a high fusion point, toric rubber embedded in the rear lid, double system crankshaft oil seal of locking labyrinth, are among others, the elements reponsible for the motor tightness and protection, on top...

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