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Economic elevator This is the economical version of our elavator. The economical elevator is very robust with efficient propriety. Rather used to convey dirt and clean nuts, this device will help make the job easier for you. - very robust, folded and screwe galvanised frame. - fixed on 4 self-aligning bearings. - threephase moto-reducer (0,37 kW), at fixed or adjustable speed, controlled by a mechanical variator. - fixed or wheeled. - the elevator is realised with material PVC, transport bands with bucket (15 cm brackets) Technical specification Engine: 0,37 kW threephase Length: from 2000 mm to 5000 mm and more Width: 250 mm (400 mm with engine unit) Height: adjustable Weight: depending on the model Flow: depending on the slope from 3 to 5 t/h

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Economic elevator - 2

Elevator for shell separation For the filtration of water of shelling.

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Economic elevator - 3

Multi stage dryer Walnuts before the storage, must be washed and dried. After 24 hours the walnuts are ready to be sold. Bolted set of galvanized sheets sections. Centrifugal and helicoidal heat generator, with different power depending on dimensions, and the storage capacity. This system is one of the most economical, because it uses almost all of the air‘s steam saturation power and a large part of the calories provided by the generator. In addition, the multiple stage dryer ensures a rational drying, because walnuts are pre-dried at the upper stage and finished at the lower stage, this...

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Economic elevator - 4

Heat generator for multi stage dryerCentrifugal Avantages Helicoidal Absolutely necessary during the dryer process, the heat generator will effeciently dry the surrounding in order to remmove humidity in the air. Available in 2 versions: Centrifugal and helicoidal. Technical specification heat generator Engine: Length: Width: Height: Diameter:

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Economic elevator - 5

Adjustable hopper _________ _________ Avantages Designed on the model of our multiple stage dryers which have proven reliable for more than 10 years, our adjustable hopper, sold in kit form, is extremely useful in various appllications. The high capacity hopper (volume varies depending on your choice) is mainly used to store walnuts, haselnuts and chestnuts for short periods. Before washing,hulling and drying. Practical and adjustable, this device will perfectly match your applications. The hopper‘s height is available in standard at 1050 mm above the ground but as the set is adjustable, it...

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Economic elevator - 6

Manual sizing seave Avantages The manual sizing sieve, made in galvanised steel, is used to take a samle. (by caliber) ofa a batch of nuts. All diameters that are useful for the nuts are on device (8 calibers).

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Economic elevator - 7

Mini cylindrical calibration This machine adapts for walnuts and hazelnuts too. Driving with engine (0,18 kW) adjustable spped reducer. Continuous working. 1 sizing sieve Adjustable height. The size of walnuts can be changed with a separate sieves. Drum 1 m or 2 m Technical specification mini cylinrical calibration Length: 1500 mm 2500 mm Width: 875 mm 875 mm Height: adjustable at 2 positions adjustable at 2 positions Weight: 133 kg (1 m) 203 kg (2 m) Drum length: 1000 mm 2000 mm Drum diameter: 635 mm 635 mm Flow: 100 kg/h (dryed walnuts or hazelnutz)

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Economic elevator - 8

Cylindrical sizing sieve This high-performance machine enables you to chage the siting sieve‘ grate very quickly and offers an important flow 400 kg/h (fresh walnuts version) - 300 kg/h (dried walnuts version). - galvanized folded sheets frame. - driven by a moto-reducer with worm geared units or by walnuts washer‘ shaft (with a flexible coupling). - 1 diameter of caliber can be chosen by customer (diameter range: from 16 mm to 36mm). - adjustable height. Technical specification Lengt: 1460 mm Width: 960 mm Weight: 125 kg (non motorized version) Flow: 400 kg/h (fresh walnuts version) Engine:...

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Economic elevator - 9

Cylindrical sizing sieve (2500 mm) Avantages Ingeniously designed, our 2,50 m cylindrical sizing sieve is made up two drums (identical length) that can heve different calibration sizes so as to perfectly match your application. Indeed, you wil be able to make twow calibrations at the same time, or just one, depending the job that is to be done. Moreover the working height, the total height, ist adjustable, so as to make it possible to place two cascaded cylindrical sizing sieve, and upon request, it is possible install a plastic great in oder to avoid scratches on chestnuts during...

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Economic elevator - 10

Nuts cracker Micro Technichal specification with legs Length: 650 mm Width: 620 mm Height: 1620 mm Weight: 87 Kg Flow: from 15 to 30 kg/h Engine: threephase 380V without legs 650 mm 620 mm 620 mm 72 kg from 15 to 30 kg/h threephase 380 V nuts cracker Micro

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