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Nut processing for small quantities Nut processing is our business “Successful and individual

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For over 40 years Feucht Obsttechnik has stood for innovative products in fruit harvesting We are a family business from Baden-Württemberg, which has developed from an agricultural machinery workshop into a sought-after specialist for the development, design and production of fruit, mowing and nut technology. As a progressive, globally active company, our main location is in Germany with dealer branches in France, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, Japan and Canada. Feucht Obsttechnik is an owner-managed company in the second generation, which always focuses on the...

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Overview Nut Processing Harvesting Measuring Humidity Calibrating/ Sizing Cracking and removing shells  Washbox  Washing and calibration machine  Dryer Mini  Dryer Maxi  Humidity meter for nuts  Calibration sieve  Washing and calibration machine

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„Roll up“ fallen fruit conveniently and easily without bending down using the world‘s smallest harvesting machine The Rollblitz is available in 3 different sizes and with wooden or telescopic rod Anyone who owns a plot of land with several fruit or nut trees knows the problem: in autumn, the harvest is ripe, but harvesting is often a laborious task that requires frequent bending. The Rollblitz harvesting device makes this work easier. Thanks to the rolling function, the fruit is easily rolled up and bending down is no longer necessary. The Rollblitz therefore saves an enormous amount of...

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Details of the Rollblitz Advantages • No more bending necessary • Very stable emptying brackets • Straightforward handling • Support for people with physical and mental disabilities as manufactured in cooperation • Very high durability • Quality Made in Germany • Wire basket adapts to the ground and the fruit to be picked up • No uptake of leaves and branches Fruit types: Objects from 4 to max. 10cm diameter like apples, pears, oranges, lemons, tennis balls and many more. Rollblitz Medium Wooden stick Telescopic rod Fruit types: Objects from 2 to max. 5cm diameter like walnuts, golf balls,...

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Harvest fruits with the low noise and low emission electric harvesting machine OB 40 The purchase of this fruit harvesting machine is particularly suitable for smaller orchards. Depending on the fruit density on the floor, between 700 and 1500 kg of fruit per hour can be harvested at 40 cm working width. With an optional nut kit, nuts such as walnuts can also be harvested. The OB 40 works with two 24 volt batteries. The OB 40 with electric drive is therefore the perfect machine for all those who want to harvest small quantities of fruit without emissions and at low noise levels. Accessories...

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Technical Data Working width: Electric motor: Adjustable speed with forward and reverse gear Loading capacity: 40 Liter (optional with basket holoder, width 85 cm) Ideal for smaller fruit quantities Long battery life Electrical drive Very easy operation and maintenance Clean harvesting performance No harvesting of leaves and grass Height-adjustable handle Optional additional basket Easy height adjustment of the fruit intake Height adjustment: On the front wheel with mechanical adjustment Harvesting capacity: Depending on the fruit density on the floor up to 1,5 t/h Control system for...

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Use the washbox to clean nuts in a simple and easy way Small quantities of walnuts can be cleaned very easily in a wash box. A washing grid is attached to a fruit box and the walnuts are layered on top of it. The sieve-like attachment can then be sprayed with a high-pressure cleaner or similar. The nuts should then be briefly drained and tipped into a dry container.

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Technical Data Advantages Length: little moisture gets into the nuts can also be used for other nuts

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Washing and Calibration Machine Clean, calibrate and separate nuts The washing and calibration machine is a multifunctional device. It cleans nuts and simultaneously sorts them according to size. In addition, up to 95% of the green shells are separated from the nuts. The cleaning is done by means of a washing drum with an oval pattern. This is then replaced by a round hole sieve for calibration. The washing and calibrating machine can calibrate the nuts to two sizes. The machine is driven by a standard drill. Optionally, a feeding device for nuts is also available and an electric motor with...

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Washing, calibrating and removing shells Technical Data versatile combination unit for washing, calibrating and separating nuts different calibration sizes possible Optional: feeding of the nuts or electric motor with 230V Washing - approx. 100-120 kg/h (20kg/drum every 10 minutes) other calibration sizes available on request simple transport due to light weight Calibration - approx. 150 kg/h (on two sizes) Scope of delivery: 1x washing and calibration machine 1x washing drum 1x calibration sieve (diameter = 28/30) 1x calibration sieve (diameter = 30/32) Other screen sizes are also possible...

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Dryer Mini The gentle nut dryer with expandable capacity The Mini dryer can be filled with up to 40 litres of nuts per level. The warm air flow (36°) is generated by an adjustable fan heater with external thermostat. The fan heater is connected directly to the nut dryer. The dryer enables a very good drying result by controlling the humidity with a flap. The flap can be opened to measure the moisture of the nuts. The dry nuts can be emptied by means of a large outlet. Optionally, the capacity of the drying storage can be increased with a maximum of 2 floors, i.e. an extension. You will receive...

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Details of the Dryer Mini Dryer with extension Technical Data expandable capacity constant humidity control possible up to 40 litres of dried nuts every 24 hours easy transport due to low weight Dryer Mini settable temperature additional 40 l/day (Total amount 80 l/day)

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Dryer Maxi The powerful and automated drying warehouse With the dryer Maxi larger quantities of nuts can be dried in a short time and with excellent quality. The drying unit can produce up to 1000 litres of dried nuts every 24 hours. The nuts are dried on 3 levels. At the lowest level there is an outlet with which the dry nuts are emptied. Then the upper two levels are opened and the nuts fall down one level further. The uppermost level can then be filled with fresh nuts. The dryer Maxi is heated by a gas heater and a blower at the back. The moisture of the nuts can be checked with our...

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