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Flexy has developed, thanks to its technical knowledge on automatic nests and experience on egg collection and management, this semiautomatic nest able to match the expectations of all the farmers that need a versatile product that can be developed with the time, following the growth of their farms. These nests have been designed to provide comfortable accommodation for layers and breeders and, at the same time, facilitate the egg collecting operations, in a safe and efficient way. Nests units are 2 meters long, and are available with 1, 2, 3 and 4 tiers. Each nest hole can be either 25 (layers) or 28 cm (breeders) wide. All nests are provided with anatomical plastic inserts, that can be removed to facilitate the cleaning processes. The inserts are encouraging birds to lay the eggs on these then, once layed, the eggs roll down the light slope in order to reach the collecting area that is located on the front or in the backside of the nests. In this way the eggs cannot be reached again by the hens, leaving the inserts free to be used from the other birds. The special perforated design of the inserts provide an excellent airing and helps to keep the nests clean, letting the dust to fall through the inserts and stand on the tray located under these ones. The egg collecting channel is 20 cm wide with a sheet metal lid and a special hinge to stop dirt from falling onto the eggs. The nests are provided with wooden hinged perches that can be used for birds to stand on these but, at the same time, for closing the nests when these shouldn't be used.

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The nest can be used to obtain different kind of configurations. The most commons are the nest against the wall, located at the centre of the house and back-to-back (nests will be provided with all the necessary frames and supports). In case the egg collection cannot be managed manually, this could be arranged by egg belts that runs inside the egg collecting channels up to a small Niagara system and a table, located at a comfortable height for the manual collection. The egg collection system is supplied already assembled, in order to avoid any problem during the installation. EQUIPMENT FUR...

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