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EyeFossTM Image analysis for objective quality assessment of whole grain The world’s first image analysis instrument suitable for the objective quality assessment of whole grain helps you to assess incoming grain quickly with greater consistency and with less strain on operations during the busy harvest season. Assess grain quality objectively at the press of a button and monitor your grain receival network from anywhere at any time. The EyeFossTM is currently calibrated to provide results for the following tests in wheat and barley: Un-millable material, small foreign seeds, stained grain, pink grains, frosted, sprouted. Type 7B seeds (barley, oats, wild oats, saia oats, triticale, cereal rye, bindweed, turnip seed, speargrass). Small foreign seeds, radish pods, spotted mould affected, germ end stained, skinned, distorted. Type 6 seeds (wheat, triticale, cereal rye). Type 7A seeds (oats, wild oats, black/brown oats, speargrass). Dedicated Analytical Solutions

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Faster receival – just pour and press a button Less training of staff The time taken to visually inspect grain is variable depending on the grain quality. For example, poor grain quality will take longer to assess than good grain quality. The EyeFossTM will take the same amount of time to assess grain whether it is of poor quality or not. Getting highly skilled staff in place often at remote locations can be problematic and costly during the busy harvest season. EyeFoss encapsulates this experience, empowering any operator to make assessments while reducing the burden of tough decisions. •...

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EyeFoss™ - 3

More consistent quality assessment, fewer disputes The current process of visually inspecting grain is subjective. One person’s opinion or conclusions may differ from another. With EyeFossTM, you get an objective quality assessment that gives a fairer assessment for all growers. Instruments are monitored and managed via the internet for consistent measurements across multiple sites. • Objective measurement of all common grain defects and foreign material – from ryegrass to lupins • Standardised grain defect assessment across receival sites • Full network capability – all instruments...

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EyeFoss™ - 4

The EyeFossTM The EyeFossTM provides an objective supplement to existing visual checks performed by the human eye. It has been designed specifically to remove subjectivity from wheat and barley visual quality assessments like sprouted grain, weed seeds and un-millable material as well as grain defects such as insect damage, mould, frost and germ damage. Using the new image analysis technology, grain passes under a 3D laser, 2D lights and camera to capture data. This data is then processed using a series of calibrations to determine the quality results. The EyeFoss can assess 10,000 kernels,...

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