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OenoFossTM Instant quality control throughout the winemaking process OenoFossTM is a compact, simple-to-use analyser that measures multiple parameters of grape must, must under fermentation or wine in just two minutes. Fast analysis throughout the winemaking process Replace time-consuming analysis with a single test performed whenever you need it. With test results in just two minutes you can analyse more frequently, giving you valuable objective information to support your decisions from grape maturation to bottling. All you need to know from a few drops of grape juice With Oenofoss, a few drops of must juice is enough to analyse grape samples. The parameter list includes organic acids, sugars and soundness indicators, allowing you to monitor grape maturity and plan your harvest accordingly. The multiple quality parameters allow you to segregate grapes precisely for maximum value. Cost effective control of your wine process Oenofoss gives you real-time analysis of the vinification processes. You’ll still have to consider optimal growth conditions for the yeast and the risk of stuck fermentation, but with Oenofoss you can track trends in a tight measurement programme and avoid problems before they arise. Sample types Grape must, must under fermentation, wine Parameters Most critical quality control parameters Technology FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)

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Specifications Applications Ranges within product type* Must Must under fermention Finished wine Sweet wine Absorbance units Absorbance units Absorbance units Alpha amino nitrogen Gluconic acid Lactic acid Malic acid Tartaric acid Total acidity Total sugar Total soluble solids Volatile acidity Expressed as sulphuric acid Expressed as acetic acid. *Performance details are available in the application notes corresponding the components and product type. **Calibration based on acetic acid. ***Requires colour module ****Base wine for sparkling win

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Technical specification Analysis time FTIR wine unit; 2 minutes Temperature for sample and instrument: Instrument warm up time Sampling Sample volume Sample preparation Clarification and degassing required. Particle size less than 10 µm. Clarification by filtration or centrifugation. Degassing by vivid shaking in closed container. Maintenance Cleaning With a regular tissue and commonly used detergent cleaning liquids Self-test with Instrument Diagnostic Reagent (IDR) Options Calibrations FOSS provides ready to use calibration – see application list below Colour unit Installation...

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FOSS Tel.: +45 7010 3370 info@foss.dk · www.fossanalytics.com GB, january 2019

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