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Without metal core With metal core Wild boar Stainless steel Longer than 500 metres Permanent fence Adjustable voltage Chargeable battery External display Portable fencing Battery life check Alarm compatible Includes remote control Battery-saving options Includes fencing monitor Output voltage diagram Energy-saving option Solar-power supply / solar-power compatible

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TABLE OF CONTENTS About Gallagher New products and special offers Fencing solutions Batteries 30 Earthing 33 Security measures and testers Posts 37 Conductors 41 Insulators Connectors 54 Gates 57 Reels and tools Netting 64 Kits 68 Other products

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ABOUT GALLAGHER WE’RE GOOD LISTENERS On the back of years of experience and by listening to you, Gallagher understands your needs and wishes. Gallagher always responds by creating a new solutions that make farming life even more efficient. Furthermore, you always receive the best possible service and installation advice from a Gallagher specialist. A SOLUTION FOR EVERY CHALLENGE Our founder Bill Gallagher senior had a farm, so he was no stranger to the challenges you face. He wanted to make ‘farming life’ easier and during the 1930s he developed the first electric fencing. Now, 76 years...

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ABOUT GALLAGHER YOU CAN GO THE HARD WAY… OR THE GALLAGHER WAY Brilliant solutions that make your business more profitable or even easier to manage that’s where Gallagher would like to help. FARM-PROOF Before we offer our products they are tested comprehensively. The products are put to extreme tests, but that gives Gallagher the certainty that they are of the highest quality. The energizer in the picture still works after all the tests.

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NEW PRODUCTS AND SPECIAL OFFERS NEW PRODUCTS & SPECIAL OFFERS B80, B180, AND B280 NOW WITH FREE ADAPTER • 10 Joule, the strongest Multi Power energizer in the market! • Fencing of up to 30 km • Burns away vegetation, adaptive control® • Optimum performance with solar panels!

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NEW PRODUCTS AND SPECIAL OFFERS NEW SOLAR RANGE The entire Solar range has been developed especially for a farm environment - every energizer is quick and easy to install, has fall-resistant and water-proof housing and with this revamped, intelligent battery management it works 3 weeks without any sunlight. EASY TO OPERATE G ON POWERFUL AND STRE EFFICIENT IN US INCLUDES BATTERY

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NEW PRODUCTS AND SPECIAL OFFERS Powerful and reliable with a built-in alarm that indicates when the battery is nearly empty, extremely easy to use, easy to move, with carry handle, 0.35 Joule, for fencing of up to 1,5 KM. NOW WITH A FREE 55 AH BATTERY Strong and reliable, maintenance-free, easy to use, 5.2 Joule, for fencing of up to 23 KM. FREE FENCE VOLTMETER FOR MEASURING THE VOLTAGE ON THE FENCING new REEL POST PRE-FITTED LARGE GEARED REEL The product for temporary fencing or strip grazing. Suitable for all animals. 3 Geared reel and TurboLine rope Large geared reel 1200m

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NEW PRODUCTS AND SPECIAL OFFERS NOW ALSO AVAILABLE: BLUE WIRE IN 400 METRES free remote Extremely powerful energizer with 21 Joule of stored energy, suitable for fencing of up to 53km. FREE REMOTE CONTROL TO SWITCH THE ENERGIZER ON/OFF ALL ALONG THE FENCING.

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WHICH GALLAGHER ENERGIZER DO YOU NEED? If you need to electrify fencing, Gallagher is the place for you! Will you opt for one of our intelligent energizers from the i Series? A battery solution? Maybe a solar energizer is better suited to your situation. Whatever your needs , we can offer the most reliable solution.

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MAINS ENERGIZERS Our mains energizers are ideal for permanent fencing. These energizers do not need a battery and work on 230V. There are different types of mains energizers for different types of fencing. Gallagher has the most suitable energizer for every type of fencing. BATTERY ENERGIZERS There may be fencing that cannot be connected to the mains and a battery energizer is a better choice in those situations. These energizers only need a battery and no mains. A number of energizers have a battery-saving option to lengthen the lifespan of the battery significantly. SOLAR DEVICES An...

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Powerful, intelligent and technically perfect energizers. With their power, intelligence and technical perfection, the energizers in the i Series are the best in the world! Furthermore, you always receive the best possible service and installation advice from a Gallagher specialist. • Adaptive Control® provides a continuous voltage on the fencing, any time anywhere, with the lowest possible electricity consumption • Burns away vegetation • Maximum power, even at the end of the fencing ultimate power ULTIMATE THE MOST POWERFUL SHOCK absolute control ABSOLUTE • Extremely practical and easy to...

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SPECIAL OFFER free REMOTE worth The M2800i is an extremely powerful energizer with 21 Joule stored energy, suitable for fences up to 53km. Unique external display enables you to operate and monitor the energizer from a convenient location (up to *50m optional), *3m cable is included. Expandable with remote control and maximal 6 additional fence monitors. The external display enables you to read out information about your fencing from a distance and to operate the energizer. For more information about the accessories, please visit page 14 306315 The energizer adapts to the fencing conditions...

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i SERIES ACCESSORIES • Energizer controller: Shows all your fence performance information in one convenient separate display box that can be placed up to 50m away from the energizer itself. • Remote controller: to turn the fence on/off anywhere along the fence line. Integrated fault finder functions lead you to the problem in the fence. ‘Inquire’ function shows energizer display on the Remote Controller from anywhere on the fence. Compatible with M1800i and M2800i only. • SMS controller: warns you via a text message when the fence voltage gets below a preset alarm level. In addition, the...

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