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Thank you for purchasing the Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale unit. The Gallagher range of weighing systems is simple, tough, innovative and reliable. Follow these instructions for the setup and first use of the W-0. BOX CONTENTS The Gallagher W-0 box contains: • W-0 weighing unit • Mounting bracket and mounting hardware SPECIFICATIONS Operating Temperature Battery charge Temperature Environmental Protection Rating Weight Estimated battery run time

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Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide To ensure op timum performance of the W-0, it is recommended that the internal battery is charged for a minimum of 10 hours before first time use. Important: • Charging of the W-0 should be in a cool (+10°C to +30°C) place. • If the W-0 is to be stored for an extended period, this should be in a cool dry place (-20°C to 25°C, humidity 45% to 85%) with a fully charged battery. The W-0 should be charged until full every 6 months. • Always charge the battery indoors. 1. Connect the power adapter at the base of the unit and plug the W-0 into a power outlet....

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Gallagher W- Weigh Scale User Guide UNDERSTANDING THE W-0 WEIGHING UNIT Ba ery charge indicator Bluetooth Weigh screen Weighing mode Shows AUTO when Automa c weight lock is turned on Weight Unit Records animal weight Mode Bu on Changes weighing modes and weighing units. Zero bu on Sets the displayed weight to zero. Loadbar connectors Either one or two loadbars can be connected to weigh. Power Input External power connec on 9 -15V Battery Charge Status Fully Charged Less than 25% charge 5% or less charge remaining When the ba ery level drops to 0%, three beeps will sound and the red weight...

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Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide Setting up the W-0 for first time use Set the weight unit Turn on the W-0 scale. To change the weight unit, press and hold down the Mode button for 3 seconds. A beep will sound when the weight unit changes between kgs and lbs. Press the Mode button to select a weighing mode. Weighing Modes

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Gallagher W- Weigh Scale User Guide INSTALLATION English Installing the W-0 The W-0 can be placed on a table top or mounted on the bracket supplied. Installing the Scale bracket The bracket can be mounted on a flat ver cal surface, a round post, or a rail. To mount the bracket on a flat ver cal surface, or a round wooden post, use the 3 x tek screws included with the unit. To mount the bracket on either a ver cal or horizontal bar, use the ‘U’ bolts included with the unit. Important: It is not recommended to mount the W-0 bracket on the weighing crate or chute as interac on with the scale can...

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Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide Installing the loadbars It is recommended that you use Gallagher Loadbars with the W-0 Scale. ■ The W-0 recognises other most commonly available Loadbar sets. If you are not using Gallagher Loadbars. Steps to install loadbars 1. Select a weighing site that provides a solid, level and well drained surface. ' 2. Ensure the loadbars and platform are well secured and clear of any obstructions. 3. Either bolt the loadbars to the concrete pad or locate them on studs set into the concrete. It is important that the loadbars...

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Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide There are 2 ways to use the W-0 scale. It can be used on its own or used in conjunction with the Gallagher Animal Performance mobile app. Use the app if you want to record your session when weighing animals. Before you begin weighing: 1. Check loadbars are connected to the W-0. 3. Check the weight displayed is Zero. If not, press the ZERO button. • The Gallagher Animal Performance mobile app is used to record live sessions and control the W-0 Scale. • Use your mobile device to control your weighing sessions. • After weighing your animals, sync your phone...

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Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide English Open the Gallagher Animal Performance app on your mobile device. From the Home screen, tap New Session, type in a session name and tap Done. The app will begin searching for the W-0 and any other devices within range. Select the W-0 from the devices list and tap Connect. The weigh screen will open, ready to begin weighing. Refer to Weighing Animals (p. 9) or Weighing Small Static Loads (p. 10) Note: If you have previously connected the W-0 with your mobile device, and come within range of the W-0, it will automatically connect. Session Name...

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Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide Start a Weighing Session on the W-0 scale: If you are weighing animals without the Animal Performance app, once the scale is turned on and weight displayed is zero, you can start weighing your animals. Refer to Weighing Animals (below). Note: If using the scale only, animal weights are not recorded. Weighing animals 1. Load the first animal onto the platform. Ensure the animal is entirely supported by the platform - no hooves on the ground - and that no object is resting on the animal. 2. Important: If the weight displayed does not always return to 0.0...

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Gallagher W- Weigh Scale User Guide Weighing Small Static Loads 1. Press the Mode bu on un l FINE appears on the screen. FINE is displayed for 2 seconds then 0.0kgs/lbs displays. Place the load onto the pla orm. The weight displays on the scale or on the App if using. The weight is not recorded. If desired, write down the weight of the load. Remove the load from the scale. Check the weight displayed is Zero. If not, press the ZERO bu on before weighing the next load. Completing a Weighing Session using the app When a weighing session is completed (i.e. all animals weighed), the recorded...

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Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale User Guide Zero Tracking During a weigh session, small amounts of debris such as mud or dung can accumulate on the weighing platform. After each animal leaves the platform, the scale compensates for the small amount of debris left by automatically zeroing the weight. If the accumulated weight of the debris is more than the scales zero tracking range, zero tracking will not work and the Zero icon will flash. To restore zero, press the >0< Zero button. Note: Zero tracking is enabled for Auto and Manual modes but disabled in Fine mode. CARE AND MAINTENANCE The W-0 is...

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