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Scientific -Production Company Ukraine, Zaporizhia Region, Melitopol, Prospect of B. Chmielnicki 27 Phone: (0619) 43-60-28, Phone/Fax: (0619) 43-77-71 E- mail: , WWW: Technical description and operating instructions

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1. General 1.1. This cultivator is a universal agricultural tool that allows you to perform necessary activities when growing vegetables and other bulb and root plants. 1.2. The product is constructed on a modular basis - The universal basic frame is equipped with the special units, which perform specific technological operations. The frame construction allows to use several assemblies simultaneously. 1.3. Applying the supporting wheel provides the necessary and permanent depth of loosening, it also protects the roots of damages. 1.4. Manoeuvrable during work, it does not require any...

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3.5. Install brackets with the knives in 5 corresponding holes of the small link of the base frame 8 (Fig. 1), which are evenly distributed on the frame. If the holes in the link and the bracket are matched, fasten the parts with the screw and nut. Stirrup is installed on the cultivator as shown in Photo 1. By changing the length of the small link of the basic frame 8 when the coulters are mounted, the angle of the coulter's inclination to the soil can be changed, which affects the ability to crush the soil (photos 2, 3). 4. Technical data of the main technological units Stirrup assembly -...

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with nut 1 is installed below the link, without using its opening. Photo 5 Photo 6 Product technical service, product storage rules Maintenance - cleaning of working parts, wheels of adhering dirt. Once a month remove the cotter pin from the wheel axle, remove the wheel, clean the axle and wheel sleeve from the old grease and apply a new layer of any machine, tractor or commercial technical thick grease. Storage - carry out maintenance, apply technical grease on the working parts. Store in a room or in the outside and protect against moisture. If the above principles of technical...

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