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Fixed chamber balers 6 Variable chamber balers 8 Chamber and variable geometry 12

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HAYMAKING Production plant Cremona - Italy MA S CHI O Fie n a gion e S . p. A . o f f er s a fu ll ran ge of hay mak ing an d har ves ting attachments. Th e s e m ach i n es a re in t e rn a t ion a lly re c ogn iz ed f o r re lia bilit y a n d pe rf orm a n c e i n al l work in g c on dit ion s . T h e r a ng e is d ivided in to three produ c t f a m ilie s : • Cutting: double blade, drum, disc, side, front, trailed and combined mowers • Harvesting: fixed or variable chamber and variable geometry round balers; square balers and shredding attachments • Conditioning: hay tedders, rakes and...

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Fixed chamber balers MONDIALE 120 PRO OPENABLE BASE Operated by the operator without having to descend from the tractor, promoting a rapid return to work. Expanding the feed channel and allowing the excess product flow, work can be normally resumed after a blockage. HIGH EFFICIENCY PICK-UP A special product conveying plate with a compression roller, maximizes the effectiveness with minimal blockage. Hydraulic floatation with chain travel stop and cam sliding bearing with double ball race.

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Case hardened steel gears Heavy duty double swivel-joint roller-bearing Hydraulic bale pressing Single centralized lubricator Reduced space for maximum harvesting efficiency Forming chamber with 19 reinforced rollers Transmission distributed on both sides ROBUSTNESS The forming chamber in the Mondiale and Trotter models comprises 17 reinforced rollers for the 110 CUT and 19 for the 120 PRO, allowing the formation of 1000x1100 mm diameter bales for 110 CUT (1220 x 1250 mm for 120 PRO). Each roller features a particular profile to ensure the best traction in any condition and with any...

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Variable chamber balers PRESSING METHODS Extreme 265 LTI exerts a constant pressure from the core to the surface: the value can be easily set by the control unit in the tractor cab. The bale obtained in this way is noted for its "soft core" with selectable diameters from 0 to 120 cm. FOR YOUR EVERY NEED Thanks to the equaliser system it is possible to set the final size of the bale starting from a diameter of 50 cm up to 165 cm. The system can be controlled by an electronic control unit and allows to set the desired size from the cab.

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Extreme adaptability Variable belt chamber Automatic chain oiling Pressure control unit Adjustable drawbar High capacity pick up EXTREME 265 LTI Variable chamber round baler to form bales from 50 to 165 cm in diameter, through an equaliser directly adjustable from the in-cab monitor. The robust structure and belt chamber allow the collection of both green and dry products.The pressure of the soft core that can be set from the monitor (0 to 120 cm) allows to obtain bales of the desired weight and consistency. The extensive pick-up quickly and carefully collects the product even in more...

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Variable geometry: how it works? MADE IN MASCHIO FIENAGIONE Maximum professionalism thanks to the variable geometry technology, which allows to change the pressure of the bale based on the product and level of humidity. A system with 2 equalisers allows to automatically vary the pressure during bale formation based on the size increase. During the harvest of noble products, the pressure of the forming chamber can be set to zero allowing the product to enter in bulk, with the classic star formation.

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We care about your product Soft core Ø 0-90 cm = 0 Bar SOFT CORE Thanks to the patented double equaliser system, it is possible to set the formation of the soft core, i.e. zero pressure on the product (0 bar), for a reduced accumulation with the creation of the classic star formation, up to a diameter of 90 cm (version 365).Ideal for the harvest of more delicate noble products, which require more attention in the processing stages. FIXED PRE-CHAMBER UP TO 90 CM TRUE STAR Up to 5 dedicated programs BETTER TO PRESS OR BETTER TO DRY? THE CHOICE IS YOURS! The ICON control unit allows up to 5...

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Chamber and variable geometry FEED SYSTEM HT-HTI: Reciprocating packer Ideal for chopped straw, short and dry, or to gather without damaging delicate, short and brittle fodder. Characterized by high rotating capacity, the rotor feeds the chamber continuously and quickly, allowing to maintain high feed rates even with large amounts of hay or straw.The rotor, fitted with spikes arranged with a double spiral, evenly distributes the product in the chamber. HTC: rotary feeder with 13 knives HTU: rotary feeder with 25 knives The knives give the harvested forage a length of 77 mm. 12 The high...

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Electronic core and bale diameter management Automatic chain lubrication Endless belts Bale formation control sensors Centralized greasing Hydraulic cutting system drive Swath-forming roller Folding wheels Openable base EXTREME 365 High performance and maximum attention in the pick-up of the product. These are the strong points of the Extreme 365, which thanks to the generous 2200 mm pick-up, the choice of rotors and the "Endless" belts ensures high performance.The twin boom system, for the management of the chamber and variable geometry, allows the collection of the product depends on the...

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Combine balers GENTLE WITH THE PRODUCT Thanks to the ample pick-up and the reciprocating feed system, the collection of the product is always delicate, both according to the type of product as well as its level of humidity.The fixed roller chamber allows you to press the product without excessive mistreatment, reducing normal losses. ALL IN A SINGLE PASS The combination allows to fulfil both the collection process as well as the wrapping without stopping, thereby reducing operating times considerably. The management of the operations takes place from the tractor cab, where both the...

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Electronic revolution counter Continuous tandem operation Fixed roller chamber Adjustable wheels Centralized greasers DUETTO 125 Ideal for the harvest of green products (ryegrass and alfalfa), the product is sized, packed and wrapped in a single operation, preventing the bale from being contaminated by contact with the ground and by adverse weather conditions. The single pass in the field reduces the soil trampling, working time and fuel consumption. The round baler is equipped with a delicate wrapper that wraps the bale in a plastic film protecting it from contact with the air and external...

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