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Horticultural lighting Bright ideas Innovative technology Worldwide lighting solutions

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GA\tjjV HORTICULTURAL^m|yiJ^ Bright ideas Innovative technology Worldwide lighting solutions Case studies: Den Berk - Merksplas Belgium 10 Van den Berg Roses - Holland / Kenia / China 14 Vreeken Bouvardia - Rijsenhout Holland 16

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Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction Gavita is a fast-growing leading supplier of assimilation lighting solutions with a strong emphasis on innovation. Our combination of in-house R&D and production provides the perfect guarantee of quality while the name Gavita is synonymous with innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. The company collaborates with partners based on our motto ‘All knowledge under one roof'. We serve the world's main horticultural areas from our sites in the Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Ukraine and Russia. Gavita continually invests in knowledge in order to...

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Light level always guaranteed The combination of lamp type, fixture, reflector and installation arrangement is a determining factor for the efficiency of assimilation lighting. Gavita will advise the grower on the right choices to make, substantiating that advice with its own measurements and calculations, and provide support throughout the life of the installation. Gavita will draw up a customized lighting plan for each situation based on the customer's requirements. Crop type, desired light level, lighting regime and preferences for certain solutions will be taken into account in the...

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Every business situation is unique. After close consultation, light level, fixtures and installation are chosen based on the precise requirements of the grower. Great care is taken throughout the process and the grower can be sure to receive solid advice and a solution that is precisely as agreed. 0 DELIVERY 2A Installation and delivery Installation will be carried out based on a precisely defined delivery schedule in order to avoid any delays during construction or replacement. There will be close collaboration with the installer during this phase. Installation will be followed by...

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Den Berk Merksplas, Belgium GAN EL 1000W 400V • Ecomax HR96 DE reflector • Initial quantity 19,000 • First installation 2013 Luc Beirinckx Den Berk Merksplas, Belgium Tomatoes thrive under guaranteed light level Partnership is an important element in the approach taken by tomato growers Den Berk in Merksplas. It is the guiding principle for all collaborations, from supplier to customer. That is the reason why co-owner Luc Beirinckx chose Gavita: ‘Gavita has helped us think about our processes and come up with solutions.’ “Light output was one of our main criterion in choosing Gavita.”...

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Sustainable tomatoes all year round COO Nic Helderman MightyVine Rochelle (IL) - USA Until MightyVine was set up, it was impossible to get fresh tomatoes that had been grown locally in the winter in Illinois. A modern Dutch-inspired cultivation system, including assimilation lighting, changed all that. It proved so successful that the area of the greenhouse was doubled within just a year of construction. “Gavita gave us invaluable help when we encountered obstacles along the way.” iityVine MlightyVine RiighlyVine [vlighlyVine IlightyVine '.lightyViiie flighty Vine MightyVine...

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Van den Berg Roses Holland / Kenia / China Intensive cultivation under a perfect lighting regime Van den Berg Roses in Delfgauw carries out the intensive cultivation of roses. This requires the perfect balance of light, temperature and CO2. Together with Gavita, the company performs numerous tests in order to keep improving the effectiveness of the lighting system. With more light, you can maintain a higher cultivation temperature. Together, these are what guarantee top-class production. Van den Berg Roses has companies in Holland (27 acres), Kenya (173 acres) and China (50 acres). 'The...

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Jaap Vreeken Vreeken Bouvardia Rijsenhout, Holland Vreeken Bouvardia Rijsenhout, Holland Bouvardias with a sustainable story GAN 1000W DC • W150 DE reflector • Initial quantity 1400 • First installation 2015 Bouvardia grower Jaap Vreeken is the world’s first grower whose electrical infrastructure is based on direct current rather than alternating. It saves energy and raw materials and the lighting can be precisely controlled. Furthermore, electricity from solar cells can be connected to it quite easily. “In the Netherlands, horticulture thrives on continuous innovation. I am delighted to be...

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Client Fruit and vegetables Tomeco Intergrow Van der Kaay Lipetsk Agro Den Berk JSC Tander (Magnit) Tyumen-Agro Kazagro J. Sigg Howard Huy Farms Mighty Vine AMCO Produce Wiig Traskb0le Golden Acres Farms Smiths Garden Swegro Bushelboy farms Wijnen Square Crops Flowers Ascania Flora South Agro Porta Nova Van den Berg Roses Rozenhof Linflowers Bredefleur Hollandia Greenhouses Vreeken Bouvardia Florist Holland Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Cucumbers/Tomatoes Cucumbers/Tomatoes Cucumbers/Tomatoes Cucumbers Mini...

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