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Classic 300 & Classic 300 E Gentle milking at high milk flow rates and suitable for every udder size GEA Milking & Cooling | WestfaliaSurge engineering for a better world

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... the heart of the Classic cluster A good shoe must fit the foot - poor fitting shoes will cause foot problems. Far-fetched? Not at all! For maximum milk yields the cluster must fit the udder like a good shoe fits the foot. And every udder is different! Always a good fit: Classic 300 and Classic 300 E clusters For rapid milking results and a high throughput, you need a balanced cluster. With the Classic 300 / E, approximately two-thirds of the cluster's weight is in the teat cup shells. This prevents rigidity of the cluster on the udder. The specially formed spoon-shaped connectors on the...

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Classic 300 & Classic 300 E - 3

GEA Farm Technologies – Milking competence for your herd Classic clusters are not off the peg but are constructed to suit individual requirements! Depending on the restocking rate on the farm, the udder geometry of your herd can change substantially over the course of 3 years: this means that you need a cluster that will adapt to the individual needs of your herd. The Classic modular system means that you can put together the various components of the cluster in many different ways. Silicone teat cup liner Rubber teat cup liner Light-weight shell Heavy-weight shell Inspection glass for...

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Classic 300 & Classic 300 E - 4

To make sure the “shoe doesn’t pinch” Classic 300 The Classic 300 is best suited to normal and wide teat positions. The teats receive an even load and the low vacuum ensures that milking is gentle on the udder. For cows with normal to wide teat positions The Classic 300 cluster with wide positioning of the short milk tube connections – even front and back Classic 300 Evolution As the distance between the rear teats in a modern high-yielding cow is becoming smaller and smaller, GEA Farm Technologies has developed the Classic 300 E. With its closer positioning of the short milk tubes, it...

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Classic 300 & Classic 300 E - 5

• versatile, flexible clusters • customer-specific choice of cluster from the Classic modular system (*) to meet all of the needs of both operators and animals • ergonomic to use • perfect fit on the udder - optimal milking - higher throughput - less air leaks - better adhesion to the teats • straight, direct milk flow - low vacuum milking that is gentle on the udder - stable vacuum - assured quality, thanks to careful handling of the milk • robust, food quality materials, impact and acid resistant plastic and high quality stainless steel (*) Which clawpiece and cluster is the right one for...

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Excellence • Passion • Integrity • Responsibility • GEA-versity GEA Group is a global engineering company with multi-billion euro sales and operations in more than 50 countries. Founded in 1881, the company is one of the largest providers of innovative equipment and process technology. GEA Group is listed in the STOXX® Europe 600 index. 9997-1139-020 / PSC 100901 / 9502020199 / S+L:d&d / D:Stu / 10. 2013 · We reserve the right to modify the construction and design in all cases!

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