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DairyFeed J E130/DairyFeed J E150


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DairyFeed J E130/DairyFeed J E150 - 1

DairyFeed J E130 DairyFeed J E150 Lamb feeders -so that little ones can grow up to be big and strong. GEA Milking & Cooling | WestfaliaSurge engineering for a better world

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DairyFeed J E130/DairyFeed J E150 - 2

Animal-friendly feeding for lambs and kids and more time for other important work Perfect provision of feed promotes lamb health Good reasons for feeding using lamb feeders The right nutrition plays an important role in helping young lambs to grow up to healthy. Top quality feed, tailored to suit the needs each individual lamb, is one of the most important factors in achieving this. Particularly where lambing numbers are high, it is important to ensure that each lamb can be well fed. The automatic lamb feeders of the DairyFeed J product family and the YoungStock Solution philosophy of GEA...

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DairyFeed J E130/DairyFeed J E150 - 3

Easy to clean The appropriate hose cleaning pistol helps in simple cleaning. Easily visible The transparent powder hopper ensures that you have a clear view. Simple preparation The intensive mixer mixes milk powder and water without using milk. Suction nozzels Between 6 – 8 suction nozzels are supplied, each for 20 – 30 lambs. Thus up to a maximum of 240 lambs can be fed.

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DairyFeed J E130/DairyFeed J E150 - 4

Extras and accessories Intuitively correct Operating panel with a temperature sensor - simply and centrally operated. Mixer heating Pleasantly warm milk remains at a consistent temperature for animal-friendly feeding. optional Optimal result As a result of the fly protection the feeder remains free of flies, any steam generated can quickly escape and condensation formation is prevented. optional For large and small The height-adjustable teat positioning including a teat and a sucking arm enables feeding irrespective of age. Powder capacity: approx. 35 kg Feeder preparation: 2.5 - 3 l/min....

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DairyFeed J E130/DairyFeed J E150 - 5

• economical and inexpensive • reliable and safe • easy learning for lambs • the amount of feed supplied can be regulated • flexible teat positioning for specific age groups • compact, intuitive operation from a o DairyFeed J E - The right choice. • fresh, warm and quick feeding in small portions at the feeder • high mixing power and the feeding of up to 240 lambs with one machine • simple cleaning of the mixing device, simplified emptying of the vessels • tailored to the individual needs of the young animals central point • work-saving on feeding and healthy growth of animals

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DairyFeed J E130/DairyFeed J E150 - 6

Excellence • Passion • Integrity • Responsibility • GEA-versity GEA Group is a global engineering company with multi-billion euro sales and operations in more than 50 countries. Founded in 1881, the company is one of the largest providers of innovative equipment and process technology. GEA Group is listed in the STOXX® Europe 600 index. 9997-1863-000 / PSC 2001010399 / 9502020199 / S+L: d&d / D: Stu / 11. 2012 · We reserve the right to modify the construction and design in all cases!

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