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GEA DairyProQ - 1

GEA DairyProQ The automated rotary milking solution for large-scale dairy far

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GEA DairyProQ - 2

DairyProQ quality goes into series production GEA’s automated rotary DairyProQ provides farmers with groundbreaking ways to optimize the workflow of dairy production. The DairyProQ quality represents the perfect balance between people, animals and technol

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GEA DairyProQ - 3

Superior milk quality, through preventive animal health management and exceptional hygiene from teat to tank. Ideal work environment, through the fine-tuning of all components to fit the needs of the environment Productivity around the clock, through highly reliable, consistent system performance and functionality. Your reliable partner, through qualified and innovative service packages from GEA dealers around the worl

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GEA DairyProQ - 5

Superior milk quality Optimal milk harvest Preventive health management Intelligent cooling systems DairyProQ – The ideal approach for large-scale dairy farms Only the most healthy and comfortable cows produce the highest quality milk. The DairyProQ rotary parlor starts with animal comfort. Through an optimal milk harvest process that includes proper udder prep and key milk quality assessments for each individual cow, the automated rotary parlor provides a unique, one-on-one milking session for every cow, ensuring the best conditions to achieve a maximum milk yield and maintain a maximum...

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GEA DairyProQ - 6

6  ·  Superior milk quality Individual care for every cow Cows are creatures of habit. That’s all the more reason for them to appreciate the calm and unique milking routine in “their very own” DairyProQ, from teat cup attachment to teat stimulation, cleaning, drying, pre-milking and milking, through post-dipping and individual quarter detachment. Every milking procedure step is performed inside the teat cup in a fully automated process that provides your cows the consistent precision they appreciate. Attachment Stimulation Cleaning Pre-milking Milking Post-dipping , De

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GEA DairyProQ - 7

Superior milk quality  ·  7 The best teat care throughout With the DairyProQ, complete milking procedures take place “in-liner”, inside the teat cup in one single attachment. Teat stimulation begins as soon as the teat cup attaches, gently preparing the udder for milking. Then, cleaning or pre-dipping begins depend the countryspecific regulations and is followed by drying and pre-milking . Milk sensors ensure the utmost in animal health and milk quality The DairyProQ incorporates key sensors to constantly analyze and monitor the flow of milk according to conductivity, color, temperature and...

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GEA DairyProQ - 8

8  ·  Superior milk quality Intelligent design customized to your needs. A safe and efficient cooling system from GEA works with your DairyProQ to cool milk quickly and maintain your milk quality to the highest of levels. The cooling specialists GEA milk storage vessels protect your milk until it’s time for delivery. Available in either traditional horizontal or space-saving vertical form, GEA’s indoor and outdoor milk-cooling tanks can hold up to 40.000 litres / 10,600 Ga

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GEA DairyProQ - 9

Superior milk quality  · 

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GEA DairyProQ - 10

10  ·  Superior milk quality Plate coolers With extremely low flow resistance, it keeps everything hygienic. Direct cooling for high milk quality Direct cooling can cool up to 12,000 liters/3.170 gallons of milk per hour to the optimum storage temperature. Efficient cooling Frequency controlled milk pumps move the milk through the plate coolers to the milk tank. Benefit from better cooling efficiency while maintaining top milk qualit

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GEA DairyProQ - 11

Superior milk quality   ·  11 com• High productivity and quality are es bined to meet profitability objectiv rantees • A calm and comfortable herd gua high milkability t hea • Standardized processes suppor udders ssion • Mastitis-causing bacteria transmi is entirely from one cow to another prevented uniform • Large-scale milk lines support a g milk flow for efficient milk handlin Heat recovery Capture the energy released from milk during the cooling process to meet your heating needs for free. Hot water tanks sustainably store the heat extracted during cooling, which you can use to heat...

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GEA DairyProQ - 13

Ideal work environment Attractive workplace with intuitive cow monitoring tools Effective herd management Continuous processes, flexible timing Invest in the future now The GEA DairyProQ provides dairy farms with an efficient working environment with hightech flair. The automated milking systems spare personnel from physically strenuous manual milking procedures, allowing them to focus on more rewarding activities of herd management. At the same time, automated milking in a computerized workplace serves as a showcase for modern Dairy Farming. Monotonous routines are a thing of the past, and...

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GEA DairyProQ - 14

14  ·  Ideal work environment Providing peace of mind Anyone who likes working with animals will immediately enjoy operating the DairyProQ. It creates a great sense of confidence and security by providing an unobstructed view and easy access to each animal during the automated milking process. Unobstructed view and easy access to each anim

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GEA DairyProQ - 15

Ideal work environment  ·  15 Animal health at a glance Industrial touchscreens provide thorough insights into the milking process directly at the rotary parlor. Realtime visual graphics and the intuitive interface greatly simplify the monitoring of animal data. Animals exhibiting any abnormality can easily be guided to the treatment area, meaning that you can act quickly and your cattle can stay healthy with just a few clicks. Visual graphics enables transparent processes and effective herd manageme

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GEA DairyProQ - 16

16  ·  Ideal work environme

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GEA DairyProQ - 17

Ideal work environment  ·  17 Fast track to productivity The GEA DairyProQ does the milking for you, so you can devote more time to managing your herd and its productivity. Each animal can be inspected by simply looking at the screen, allowing you to take appropriate action immediately! New freedom and flexibility Automated milking routines and fixed milking times guarantee structured, efficient work processes for everyone. Since you need to schedule only one operator for the milking process, you can free up workers for other activities. It’s easier to plan working hours, shifts and...

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