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MIXING SOLUTIONS FOR COSMETIC AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES MIXING SOLUTIONS FOR COSMETIC AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES MULTILABLaboratory vacuum mixer homogeniser The MULTILAB enables laboratory development (in conjunction with the TURBOTEST) of products in small quantities (3000 ml) for industrial scale-up. Top mounted double-agitation with individual speed variation Homogeniser for the production of emulsions, dispersions and dissolutions Anchor mixer with scrapers for optimal heat transfer Electric raising & lowering of mixing head Vacuum operation with regulator based on a setpoint value Manual control of positive air pressure Color operator touch screen Removable bowl, no tools required, equipped with a PT100 temperature probe AFNOR CERTIFICATION THE MIXING COMPANY

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Main features • Maximum batch size: 3000 ml • Minimum batch size without homogeniser: 500 ml • Minimum batch size with homogeniser: 800 ml • Maximum double jacket pressure: 1 bar • Central movement agitation → Top mounted emulsifier with removable head (from the TURBOTEST range) → Variable speed from 250 to 3300 rpm - Power: 400 W • Peripheral movement agitation with bi-directional rotation → Stainless steel anchor blade, PTFE scrapers easily removed without a tool → Variable speed from 20 to 250 rpm - Power: 200 W Lifting stroke • Start-up not possible with head in raised position •...

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