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SCALE-UP: THE VMI PATH FROM LABORATORY TO PRODUCTION VMI mixing technology covers the most diverse cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Our solutions are applicable to basic processes often only requiring simple agitation as well as to those more complex which require much specific and elaborate implementation combining several mechanical and physical operations. Enables the development of formulations according to product rheology. Scalable pre-production vacuum pilot. • High torque / high shear • Low speed / careful mixing • Three axis mixing machine including an autonomous vacuum...

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PRODUCTION PLATFORM Up to 20 tons Trimix From 180 to 1200 liters Misceo • Ensures an optimal mixing quality thanks to its 2 or 3 efficient and independent mixing tools • Simple architecture for an optimum configuration • External components designed and protected to be cleaned easily Process-oriented solutions VMI considers all requirements of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries: PID, components choice, functional analysis, PLC software. All phases and control during the production cycle are made with a permanent attention to prepare the IQ/OQ tests with a built and complete...

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Production platform Realized from customer’s specifications, VMI equipment is available in numerous solutions and configurations incorporating different layout and productivity constraints of existing installations. These units can be implemented as totally independent machines or as platforms integrating several tanks General synoptic Display / control unit actuators Real-time monitoring of the manufacturing progress Production data recording progress

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VMI IS ALSO... Very efficient cleaning and sterilization in place Aware that low product losses are essential, VMI designs its machines with short cleaning time, to allow frequent batch changes. Vacuum pumps and CIP valves are all integrated in a GMP-correct way, with an easy cleaning of the outside surfaces. • 360° multi-jet rotary heads with very strong impact in tank roof • Cleaning of the vacuum circuit, • Cleaning nozzles in vessel walls • Cleaning-in-place of drain and vacuum introduction circuits • Minimized use of water and detergents for cleaning. Installations comply with ATEX...

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VMI, The Mixing Company Dedicated exclusively to mixing, VMI is one of the rare companies worldwide who can offer a complete range of solutions perfectly adapted to the mixing of a wide variety of raw materials. Originating from the development of bakery kneaders, VMI machines are used by almost all French artisans. VMI teams have extended their knowledge to provide services to the industries for which mixing, kneading, blending, homogenization, dispersion or emulsion are important steps in their production processes. The passion of the teams, the correlation and synergy that exists in...

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