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SRRANGE Outfront mower

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>> OUTFRONT MOWER Transmission and drive SR machines are fitted with hydrostatic transmission. In slippy conditions, on uneven ground or on slopes the differential can be locked to further improve traction. All machines are available as a 4-wheel version with rear floating axle, which provides stability and safety when the operator crosses slopes. All 4 WD models adopt the patented HTC™ (Hydrostatic Traction Control) system which provides significant advantages: - It intelligently varies the traction supplied to each rear wheels to prevent them from damaging the turf during turning...

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All cutting decks are mounted on the front of the machine. This prevents compaction of the grass, improving cut quality and providing improved visibility for the operator. This solution also allows cutting under bushes and makes work around trees and trimming along walls and flowerbeds easier. Rear Discharge Cutting Deck 130 SP with Mulching Kit The 130cm rear discharge deck is highly productive. The front profile of the mower deck is raised and fitted with large swinging entry gates to aid the grass entry, which is cut without being compressed. Additionally, a specially designed deflector,...

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