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MY SPECIAL 14 Engine 12,2 Hp, Diesel MY SPECIAL 15 Engine 13,6 Hp, Diesel My Special Series, versatile and easy to manoeuvre. With 12 to 14 hp diesel and gasoline engines, the My Special series two-wheeled tractors are extremely versatile and simple to manoeuvre when equipped with various tools.They are easily able to deal with all the cutting, ploughing, planting, mowing and pest control treatments required in greenhouses, nurseries and market gardens. If these are the versatility features of My Special, we’ve certainly not neglected the technical aspect or safety, thus the operator can work with the utmost confidence. 6-speed gearbox with 4 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Two power take-offs, two cutting speeds for each speed gear, lower power take-off synchronized with all the ground speeds of the machine, reverse speed inclusive. MY SPECIAL 14 Type Power rating N° cylinders / nominal rate Swept volume Start Tank capacity reverse speeds speed gear number 654 Pull Start; Electrical Starting Optional Transmission Dry-disk With 2 speeds independent from the tractor’s ground speed (540 rpm - 900 rpm) I Fixed, sheet made, height adjustable in 9 positions. Fixed, sheet made, height adjustable in 9 positions. Adjustable rims for track regulation Wheel axle with track width adjuster 8 mm8 mm Available tyres Longueur min.-max. Min and max width Weight with std wheels and cultivator included Capot Tow hook GEAR STOP safety device Coupling system for attachments Band type Type II III I II Reverse gear block when PTO is engaged (safety device) Tilling FWD direction: 1,37 / 2,77 / 6,0 /8,0 Tilling REV direction: 2,81 Tilling FWD direction: 1,37 / 2,77 / 6,0 /8,0 KphMOWING Tilling REV direction: 2,81 N° speeds Main clutch Differential lock Pull Start; Electrical Starting Optional Dispositif de sécurité qui interdit l'enclenchement de la marche arrière forward speeds

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“GEARSTOP” does not turn the engine off but it locks the transmission and the PTO, in case of release of the handlebar grip. A full bonnet covers the engine to protect the mechanical parts and to safeguard the operator from accidents. Bride attache fixed The external width of the wheels and the track width are adjustable, enabling the My Special to be adapted for work on specialized crops

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MY SPECIAL 14 - 15 - 3

Table of implements and accessories mowing bar with special teeth one-speed ballast TWIST 5 TWIST 6 TWIST 7 TWIST 8 TWIST 10 TWIST 11 TWIST 7S TWIST 8S TWIST 9DS TWIST 10S TWIST 11S TWIST 12S JOKER 11 DS JOKER12 DS JOKER12S MY SPECIAL 14 MY SPECIAL 15

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MY SPECIAL 14 - 15 - 4

transfer wheel implement carrier single-share plough rear cutter for cultivator 22 grubber with 5 tines front ballast

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