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Making the world’s nurseries more efficient. Fast Accurate Light & Comfortable Model ECO-501-HH Hand-Held Applicator What you Get User Guide Main Module Standard Size Storage Assembly ID 63mm (2½”) Holds ~ 5.5 kg (~ 11 lb) Operating Module Battery Cover Battery Inspection Cover Delivery Connector Storage Assembly Standard size ID 63mm holds ~ 5.5 kg -or Large size ID 83mm holds ~ 9.5 kg Supply Coupling Swivel Connector Draw-Latch Isolation Shutter Storage Tube Storage Handle Storage End-Cap Battery Charger Filling Funnel Storage Tube Wall-Bracket (& screws) Delivery Tube Kit Delivery tubes (X 3) Angled Delivery Nozzle 2-Year Warranty & Support Storage Assembly The unique GreenElf Storage Assembly is available in two sizes: * Standard - 63mm (~ 11lb ~ 5.5kg) * Large - 82mm (~ 21lb ~ 11kg) The storage tube pictured is the Standard. Phone +61 2 9418 6925 Fax +61 2 8212 8155 Website greenelf works.c om email info@greenelf works.c om Therese Seton Paul Seton

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