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Bluetooth caliper for efficient data capture. Communicates with PC, handhelds, SmartPhones, Tablets. Edit and input names for up to 100 different tree species. Classic menu icons for intuitive interpretation and use. Application available for PC communication with stand tables, lists and classifications. Custom SmartPhone app for in-field wireless data transfer. Rugged, dependable and completely field adapted with patented and certified technology. Moisture and dirt protected electronics and display. Designed to improve accuracy and add value to investments in corporate management systems and field computers. Haglöf Sweden®Quality Craftsmanship - experience and know-how in every detail. The Mantax Digitech® II - MD II - is a caliper hybrid, designed for efficient field data collection and wireless Bluetooth® communication. The MD II is lightweight, rugged and fully field adapted and offers great user advantages. With icon-based menu and possibility to name your tree species, the MD II caliper is easy to operate. The MD II caliper is designed for speedy collection and storage of field data. Many thousands of individual trees with details on species, diameters and heights can be stored in the secure memory. Adjustable settings allow for great alignment with your regular work mode. Data fields can be activated or moved for improved adaptability for the individual operator. The small but rugged MD II computer terminal (less than 140 g) can be detached from the measuring scale and conveniently carried in your pocket when bringing captured field data indoors for download to PC with USB communication cable. Field data can be added to an object, and the program enables both complete cruising and sample plot survey. Data can be exported to Excel as a tab-separated txt-file or printed out as a list of trees in 1-, 2- or 4-cm classes with appurtentant sample trees and plot sample data. You can also choose to have the MD II send continuous field data with Bluetooth to the custom MD II Com App for Android. Data is saved in XML format and can be shared over email, Google Drive, Dropbox or other. Data can also be sent to handheld computers and Android mobiles or tablets. The communication is enabled through built-in Bluetooth®. The MD II can also be used as a virtual keyboard to send wireless data to spreadsheets, mail or SMS. The MD II Com PC communication program from Haglöf Sweden® offers another option with extended processing and reporting of your field measurement data. Define your tree species, cruising method and data interpretation from MD II in MD II Com. The MD II computer is rugged and field adapted. Communication and data transfer to external devices is convenient and made with USB cable and Bluetooth®. The MD II Com app works with Android smartphones and tablets. Haglöf Sweden AB Ph: +46 620 255 80 ©Haglöf Swe

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Detachable computer terminal on right-hand side TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION MD II Tree heights are best measured with the well-known and proven reliable hysometers Vertex IV or VL5 instrument. Transfer your height data with built-in IR to the MD II. For details and on these and other Haglof Sweden professional measurement instruments and solutions: Contact us for your most efficient and updated measurement solution - ever! The VL5 instrument package from Haglof Sweden - world-leading manufacturers of forest precision measurement instruments. Memory capacity: >10 000...

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