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When to use HaifaStim™ products • To support high yielding crops: HaifaStim™ products help the plant to produce the metabolites and the enzymes required to reach maximum yield. • To counteract stresses: HaifaStim™ products help the plant to recover its metabolism, and reactivate biochemical processes and enzyme synthesize necessary for growth. • To maintain all crops in optimal condition: HaifaStim™ products nourish the crop with physio nutritional compounds that help to carry on its productive cycle and to avoid stresses. • As carriers for weed-killers and fungicides: HaifaStim™ products facilitate the activity of the agrochemicals and accelerate their transfer in the plant. • As boosters for soluble fertilizers: HaifaStim™ products improve root activity, so their coapplication of with soluble fertilizers results in better nutrient use efficiency. The HaifaStim™ range • HaifaStim™ Foliamin A source of amino acids and peptides for foliar applications specially designed product, with high concentration of free amino acids and peptides, for prompt and full foliar absorption, better enzyme activity and superior carrying activity of fertilizers and pesticides. • HaifaStim™ Amin A source of amino acids peptides and peptones for Fertigation HaifaStim™ is a range of biostimulants, carefully formulated to reinforce the plant and to improve its growth environment, in order to support optimal growth, to boost yields and to maximize quality. HaifaStim™ improves the entire growth system, resulting in superior plant development, better soil structure and higher yields, along with reduced environmental impact. Amino acids and peptides (hydrolyzed proteins) facilitate synthesis of growth regulators in the plant, which, in turn, control a diversity of essential processes. • HaifaStim™ Humic Humic Acids derived from leonardite The humic matter increase the soil’s cation exchange capacity (CEC), thus improving the soil structure and enhancing the soil’s capability to supply the plant with essential nutrients. The humic Higher yield matters also induce electrochemical potential in the roots that facilitates nutrients uptake. Due to enhanced production of phenolic compounds, the humic matters boost the plant’s stress resistance. Biostimulants - dietary supplements for quality crops Haifa Worldwide • HaifaStim™ Mar The seaweed extracts are rich in nutrients, natural bio-stimulants and conditioners that act in synergy to improve plant development and soil properties. Headquarters: Haifa, Israel Europe: North West Europe | France | Iberia | Italy | Southeast Europe | Turkey | CIS (Desk) Africa & Middle East: South Africa | Israel | Central Africa & Middle East (Desk) Asia & Australia: China | East Asia | Australia | Asia (Desk) America: North America | México | South America Extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweeds Superior plant development Improved soil fertility

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HaifaStim™ Dietary supplements for quality crops Under intensive cultivation, plants work hard to produce quality yield. They need to run a fine combination of vital processes that crate the miracles of growth and fruit bearing, while using water and nutrients in the most efficient manner. Furthermore, the plant has to carry on its growth routines even when things get rough - under challenging whether and stress conditions. HaifaStim™ is a range of biostimulants, carefully formulated to reinforce the plant and to improve its growth environment, in or3der to support optimal growth, to boost...

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