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In traditional broiler houses, it is difficult to uniformly control the crucial environmental variables, such as air, floor temperatures, air velocity and relative humidity levels. Because chicks are not able to control their body temperature during the first crucial days of life (the brooding period), the environment in the house dictates the chick’s body temperature. As a result, some chicks have a delayed start, flock uniformity varies, mortality increases, and feed efficiency and growth rates are not uniform. High energy costs make the brooding period even more difficult to manage....

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Laminar Airflow for Uniform Body Temperatures • HatchBrood is equipped with patented perforated radiators. • A directly-driven fan forces the air through the perforated radiators. • The perforations in the radiators create a uniform laminar airflow of 0.3 m/s. Due to the uniform airflow and temperature control, the body temperature of each chick will be maintained within the optimum range (104-105 °F).Optimum and Uniform Chick Quality • The chicks in each HatchBrood unit are divided over 12 sections. Each section has a temperature sensor to monitor the actual air temperature. • The...

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HatchBrood Ultimate Brooding Control HatchBrood was developed to control the environment during the first four days of a chick's life, the brooding period. HatchBrood ensures optimum body temperatures and a continuous supply of fresh water, air, feed and light. The chicks are guaranteed a good start! Improved Field Performance During this early brooding period, the immune system, thermoregulatory system, and gastrointestinal tract are still developing. In ideal brooding conditions, these systems develop properly. Chicks that are ideally brooded in this early period will have improved field...

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