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HatchTech Chick Storage Room Ambient temperature and airflow is very hard to control in traditional storage rooms, which you can easily observe just by entering such a room, in which chicks will generally be panting and making a great deal of noise. These are clear signs of overheated chicks that are in stress - which leads directly to sub-optimal performance in later life. For day-old chicks to thrive and unique patented MicroClimer optimally develop, it is crucial Technology that has proven that environmental conditions in the storage room help maintain an ideal body temperature of chick quality from the incubation stage to transport and brooding. rises any higher, chicks begin to experience heat stress and an • Specially designed, perforated increased risk of dehydration. The HatchTech Chick Storage Room, uniform laminar air flow. however, has been carefully • Air flow and velocity is uniform designed to deliver the perfect throughout the chick mass, temperature and uniform airflow and received perfectly by each that chicks need to guarantee individual chick, from top to bottom as well as from back to superior quality. front. • These ideal conditions result in Patented laminar airflow nonexistence of stress during The HatchTech Chick Storage improved overall performance. Room is equipped with our • Maintain ideal chick body temperature during storage • Fewer nonstarters, reduced mortality, improved overall performance • Stores up to 144.000 birds in excellent

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HatchTech Chick Storage Room Space efficient and easy to operate The HatchTech Chick Storage Room’s unique design makes it possible to place chick baskets side by side - no space is required in between. This plays an important role in creating optimal airflow and ideal temperature conditions, as treated air flows through the baskets rather than being deflected. But this design also makes it possible to store significantly more day-old chicks - up to 30% compared with traditional storage conditions - reducing building cost. The HatchTech Chick Storage Room can be integrated into any existing...

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