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Future Vision General seed production automation facilities Quality seedling production automation facilities Quality seedling Production automation facilities AUTO SEEDING SYSTEM & GRAFTING ROBOT Vegitables, onions, flowers, forest trees, specialty crops Open Paper pots laboratory • Always welcome the visit of farming person, nursery grower, Government official, university official • Operate permanent exhibition, promotion hall, consulting room etc. Overseas affiliated companies Facility horticulture robot specialized company 86-8, Yuha-ro 226, Gimhae city, Gyeongsangnam-do province, Korea Tel 055) 314-5858 Fax 055) 314-5656 E-mail Website

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Automatic Seeding System 'Quality raising of seedling lies in uniform raising of seedling" Secure a high productivity of 400 sheets per hour(based on 128 holes) Precise seeding applying control apparatus of seed sowing Completely prepared a prevention function of clogging of seeding needle Fill up uniform bed soil of the method of pressing, tamping and cutting Installed equipment of controlling dust scattering of covering soil * Use & features If gauge of nozzle is changed, it can seed from the smallest tobacco to the biggest water melon in the various shapes and Dimensions widely. As it...

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Smart Seeding System-500 • 2 times speed against the existing automatic seeding system/labor saving/clean-up system • Developed as optimal model for specially raising onion seedling. • Share seeding function of odd number row, even number row • Function of preventing flying of covering soil, dust • only one seeder works, another seeder for spare purpose • Safely recovery excess covering soils 02. Smart Filler SF-500 • Adjust supply speed in proportion to the speed of seeding line • Raise precision by maintaining optimal waiting quantities of seeding tray Required power (1P 220V , 3P...

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Stepping Seeder Model name: SD-1200S Convenient SeederModel name : SD-1800W Dimension(mm) • Secure private seeding by standstill seeding • Function of seeding of multiple seeds in a cell • Able to seed uniformly even on any kind of seeding plate • Work by setting the distance between cells, not by optical sensor • Stepping dibbler is separately made as a sister product. Private Seeder Model name: SD-600 Large Seed SeederModel name: SD-1212 Dimension(mm) • Private seeding by cooperative unit or farmhouse unit (lettuce, onion, flower etc) •Easy to carry out moving tour work due to an...

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Medium Pressing Filler for Forest NurseryModel name: PF-400 Power transplanting robot system Production Applicable forestry nursery tray Description 24holes(L) tray 24holes(H) tray 28holes tray 40holes tray Cell spec. Cell capacity Total capacity Cypress, Thuja Pine tree, Korean nut pine 4.7SQx16cm(D) 250^ • Freely adjust the degree of compression (150%±a) • Optional for 1 times compression or 2 times compression • Automatically able to recovery excess medium. • Production quantity 400Tray/hr FC-4000 Rigid Pot Feeder FL-300W Flat Filler TP-900W Transplanter (Seed autotransplanting robot) ►...

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GRAFTING ROBOT Grafting Robot for Fruit Vegetables Paper pot® Automatic line & Quality seed production system World class product of Korea Cucurbitaceae grafting process • Applicable vegetable: watermelon, melon, cucumber, melon, red pepper, tomato • Productivity: over 800 trees (When skilled, work efficiency is highly increased) • Main composition: grafting robot+tongs supply apparatus+air compressor(option 3HP) • Grafting tongs: Specified plastic tongs(Option) • Dimension/Weight: 670D×1,080W×950H / 170kgs (Not included in our supply scope) • 1Φ220V 300W (Air compressor not included) •...

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PAPER POTS SYSTEM [PP] Auto Line (1) [PP] Auto Line (2) PP tray auto feeder ▶ PP tray auto feeder • Inside structure is different from the tray for general raising of seedling • 32 holes, 40 holes, 50 holes ▶ Fixed quantity hopper for manufacturing paper pots • Operate so that medium used as optimal amounts can be supplemented. Fine irrigation Dibbling (augering) Auto stacker of completed tray ▶ PP auto loading • 6,000~7,000 ea per hour • Linked with exclusive tray ▶ Fixed quantity supply conveyor • Automatically drive with a sensor of fixed quantity hopper • Function of adding water by...

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PAPER POTS SYSTEM The Effect of Paper Pot [PP] The Adoptable Size for its Planting (X) Inverse conical type ▶ Inserting seedling crop soil block • Top and bottom left and right, 4 sides always in touch with air. Good Drainage Good Aeration Medium Small • Watermelon • Cucumber • Tomato • Pepper Special Large • Protect root hair • Easy Pick-out, Drop-in • Herbaceous flowers for pots • Leafy vegetables for house gardening Good to Root Growth Easy Handling • Simple to carry out running work • Shorten entire growth period • Stable farming ▶ Special purpose crops •Soil disease and insects...

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Paper pots manufacturing machine Non-woven paper for propagation of cuttings and seeds for flowers, vegetable, fruits and trees TRAYS Medium of paper pots is with Klasmann Peatmoss of Germany produced under strict quality control. ™ KLASMANN ; DEILMANN urt IM4.& if cimrvO MACHINERY Biological paper is ECO FRIENDLY with this system plants haven't ANY TRASPLANT SHOCK Optimum rooting environment for the plant, thanks to Techmek non-woven paper that FACILITATES ROOTS PENETRATION S C LC CT Essential tsi ever, substrate To achieve ideal blends tor substrates, black and white peat are in many...

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Process overview of raising seeding factory Example of fruits & vegetables grafting seeding production ( HRC supply facilities) Tray feeder Seed feeding device Germinating chamber Room(A) Germinating chamber Room(B) Germinating chamber GC-05 [Standard] Dimension Power consumption temperature control, humidity control (optimal environment applied) Raising bed/Growth facilities travelling irrigating boom Scope of environment control Description • Dimension can be expanded according to the Dimension of raising seeding place • Effect of maintaining saturated humidity through bottom...

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