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Precision combined with big benefits on the headland SmartSTEER RTK IMPLEMENT STEERING SmartSTEER RTK implement steering is the most universal and advanced implement steering on the market. 1. Automated headland assistance: 2. Easy and intuitive user interface UNIVERSAL Supports both straight and curved AB lines Works with Ag Leader displays and optionally with AGCO (MF, Fendt, Valtra), Topcon (AgroSky) or CNH (New Holland, Case) Compatible with all implements behind tractor: wheel, hitch, drawbar, side shift and coulter steering Connects to tractor via ISOBUS socket ADVANCED Unique are the...

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Easy leveling system using existing hardware SmartLEVEL leveling/grading for (Ag Leader) ISOBUS RTK systems moves soil all over the world. SmartLEVEL functionality is comparable with laser leveling but grade/slope can be set in up to 3 directions creating double roof model shape. There are unlike laser, no limits in elevation range. 1. Proportional joystick included 2. Run page with lightbar 3. SmartLEVEL setup page UNIVERSAL Compatible with almost every ISOBUS display and NMEA RTK antenna Toggle buttons for quickly adjusting desired elevation (to work with multiple levels/planes) Connects...

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Brought gridplanting to existing ISOBUS display SmartSTOPnGO ISOBUS GRID/RASTER MODULE SmartSTOPnGO is a grid/raster module providing a 12V signal at set intervals (distances) to i.e. stop tractor, engage an external function or sound an alarm. 2. SmartSTOPnGO user Interface USING SmartSTOPnGO Set heading and distance between stops. Then SmartSTOPnGO continuously shows next stop number and the distance until the next stop. At every stop SmartSTOPnGO gives a 12volt signal. Depending on the application, there can be given one or two signals with timers. To compensate for offsets, the system...

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Straight in furrow ploughing without stress SmartPLOUGH RTK PLOUGHING SYSTEM Since planters tendency is to follow the plough furrow while planting, straight ploughing is almost a must for straight planting. Ploughing using SmartPLOUGH with your RTK guidance lines together assures more accurate planting and perfect straight plowing. Straight ploughing using SmartPLOUGH also assures more even working depth and a more even field with less risk of wet spots caused by ploughing. 1. Straight & Curved ploughing After setup, SmartPLOUGH automatically adjusts the width of your vario plough, assures...

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Bridges between ISOBUS display and my existing implement SmartCONTROL SECTION & RATE CONTROL SmartCONTROL is an interface module that bridges between ISOBUS (tractor) displays and non ISOBUS implements which use other CAN or serial protocols. SmartCONTROL handles both variable rate and section control for up to 255 sections! SmartCONTROL is intended for manufacturers/OEM who to make their non-ISO implements ISOBUS compatible without making (major) hardware changes. HOW IT WORKS Using the ISOBUS VT interface the necessary protocol can be chosen in SmartCONTROL to communicate with the...

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No more guesswork, facts count SmartBULB LOGGING AND AUTOSWATH SmartBULB is a module to log and control (tulip) Flower Bulb planters. SmartBULB is compatible with Cremer Tel-O-Scope and almost all ISOBUS displays which have TaskController ability. 2. Planting with SmartBULB & SmartSTEER HOW IT WORKS The Cremer Tel-O-Scope CAN data is converted to ISOBUS TaskController format by which allows logging of counted numbers. Additionally, SmartBULB can turn the planter (or other implements) on and off at headlands using ISOBUS section control. The SmartBULB hardware is implemented in a single...

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HOMBURG HOLLAND Our world population is increasing at a great rate and it is a huge challenge for agriculture to continue to provide it with healthy food! Homburg Holland is eager to do its bit and wants to continue to grow as a leading player in the field of sustainable precision agriculture. The employees of Homburg are characterized by their specialist knowledge. The principles that drive our service to the crop farming and horticulture sectors are expressed through our premium quality high-tech machines for seedbed preparation, sowing, planting and the healthy growth of crops. We...

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