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Flexibility WHEN APPLYING SEED AND FERTILISER ― Single and double hopper ― Metering devices for seed / fertiliser and micro-granular compounds ― Pressurised hopper – for metering and transporting high application rates, no dust formation in the front area of the tractor ― Different packer systems are available for the Partner FT ― Additional ballasting is possible ― Partner HT with interface lower link or ball hitch / drawbar coupling for mo

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Partner FT CONTROLLED INCORPORATION OF FERTILISER DURING THE TILLAGE PASS Partner 1600 FT The single hopper with a capacity of 1 600 liter can be used for deep fertilisation in combination with a single grain seed drill (Maestro RV), a seed drill (Express 4 KR) or in tillage sector. The compact design of the Partner FT allows for an optimum front vision. The feed opening is rather large and allows for a quick filling with a front loader or a telehandler. An additional weight of 360 kg can be added to the Partner FT (dead weight of 700 kg). The additional weight is available as an option....

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Partner HT CONTROLLED INCORPORATION OF FERTILISER DURING THE TILLAGE PASS FERTILISER MOUNTINGS Fertilisation equipment for tillage The rear hopper Partner HT is a double hopper. The total capacity is 2 800 litres, partitioned in a ratio of 40 : 60. This allows for metering two different components or one component from both hoppers to make use of the whole capacity. Moreover, the targeted fertilisation increases efficiency and compared to conventional fertilisation saves costs. Especially for phosphate, the system helps to improve fertiliser efficiency. The placed fertiliser is immediately...

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Intelligence INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS FOR EVEN MORE PRECISION HorschConnect THE KEY TO CONNECTIVITY AND DIGITALISATION. The machines of the future communicate actively and HORSCH Intelligence allows for it. With intelligent software and electronic solutions HORSCH machines work even more efficiently and help you to save money and nerves. Saving of operating resources, constant work quality, relieving the workload of the driver - you, too, can benefit from our ISOBUS licenses. SectionControl Automatic section control VariableRate Site-specific application of seed and fertiliser MultiControl...

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HORSCH Partner Transport width (m) Height (m) Length without additional weight (m) Weight without additional weight (kg) Hopper capacity (l) Dimensions of feed openings (m) Filling height (m) DA control devices Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min) Tractor-side tool linkage HORSCH Partner Transport width (m) Height (without / with tyre packer) (m) Length (without / with tyre packer) (m) Weight (without / with additional weight) (kg) Additional weight with tyre packer (kg) Hopper capacity (l) Dimensions of feed openings (m) Filling height (without / with tyre...

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EN-60.040.122 (2021.02_ver.01) All specifications and diagrams are approximate and not binding. Technical features and design are subject to change. Your distributor: HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Sitzenhof 1 92421 Schwandorf Paper: 120 g/m2 Maxi Offset. The paper is certified according to the EU Ecolabel. This label is only granted for products and services whose environmental consequences are considerably lower than those of comparable products. For more details see Printing ink: QUICKFAST COFREE. Free from mineral oil and cobalt. Moreover, it is certified and recommend for...

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